District 3 Validation Program

District 3 Validation Program

Date limite pour appliquer : 8 juillet


A cohort-based, immersive program that pushes you to test your hypotheses in the market and build your business model while learning and sharing with your peers.

You will gain access to workshops and 1:1 time with experts. As well as, join exclusive events, grow your network, and learn the essential competencies and a framework for rigorous consumer interviewing necessary to validate the viability of your startup.

You will be required to conduct 100 interviews throughout the program (10 per week) in order to test your hypothesis.
– Duration: 12 weeks
– 25 hours / cofounder / week
– You will spend a total of 4 hours per week in sessions (virtual) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The rest of the time is for you to work on your interviews, readings, and pre-work.


– At least 2 cofounders with time to participate 25 hours / week
– Reached the proof of concept stage beyond your initial idea


You will have the opportunity to win $25K in Momentum Grants as part of acceptance into our Launch & Grow program (high tech, bio & healthcare only).