Appels de candidatures

Appels de candidatures

Women Exporters – Startup Canada

Date limite pour appliquer : 13 octobre


What is the Women Exporters Program?

In partnership with UPS Canada, Startup Canada is proud to present the Women Exporters Program (WEP). This global initiative helps to bridge the gender gap in education and export participation by providing targeted assistance to women-owned small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). As of January 2023, the WEP has trained over 107,000 women and small business owners around the world.


The WEP will provide tools, training and networks that help women-owned businesses connect with potential customers globally, through international trade and e-commerce. As part of this program, women-owned SMBs will have the opportunity to:
• Gain valuable knowledge about exporting from market access to regulatory considerations.
• Receive advisory support from Startup Canada mentors and advisors and connect with UPS Ambassadors.
• Be eligible for in-kind shipping credits and special shipping discounts from UPS.

Program Overview:
This cohort-based program will engage women-identifying entrepreneurs and include a series of five webinars focused on foundational aspects of exporting essentials. The webinars will be structured to provide a comprehensive overview of the key aspects involved in exporting, including the benefits of exporting, how to prepare for exporting, the actual process of exporting, leveraging e-commerce to export, and focusing on customer experience.

Upon completion of all five webinars, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion along with a chance to receive free in-kind shipping credits from UPS. Participants will also have access to connect and engage with Startup Women and Startup Global Leaders.

After each session, participants will complete a follow up survey and their participation will be tracked through completion of all five webinars.