19 new start-ups join The Fondation Montréal inc.

19 new start-ups join The Fondation Montréal inc.

by Startup Montréal
13 December 2018
The Fondation Montréal inc. gives $ 268, 000 to young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35 years old, ans is proud to welcome 19 news and innovatives compagnies of Montréal. Some of them become laureates and receive a grant between $ 5’000 and $ 30,000 plus a long life access to our free à la carte service. The others compagnies benefit from a 12 month access to our free à la carte services in order to develop their potential.

Discover the 19 new laureates


10144720 Canada Inc. d/b/a Business Corp. Incorporated

The company has developed the board game “King of the Hat”, it’s a fast game based on hats that will be available on PC and Nitendo Switch. The game aims to be accessible to families and players of all ages. The goal is simple, jump on the other hats and protect yours!

Aifred Health Inc.

Aifred Health is developing clinical decision support systems to facilitate mental health decision-making, starting with depression. The company uses deep learning AI to plan the best treatment plan for each patient to reduce recovery time, integrated into a complete clinical solution. Aifred offers the first AI system that can predict the benefits of differential treatment.


AzzaVr is a software development company specializing in 3D visualization technologies, mainly in the real estate sector (construction and sales) of retail and automotive. Developed solutions enable brands to redefine the engaging multimedia experience by integrating advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), cloud file management and transfer, and machine algorithms learning to continually improve their solutions.

Brava triathlon

Brava, meaning “Bravo” for women in Italian, is a brand of triathlon clothing designed to bring recognition of women’s sports participation through cycling, running and swimming. Brava, these are top of the line clothes designed by women and for women.


CANN Forecast is a young company specializing in the development of reliable decision support tools based on artificial intelligence, in the field of water management. Since 2017 CANN has developed, in collaboration with the city of Montreal, no less than two solutions. InfoBaignade / InteliSwim and InfoBris / InteliPipes.


This project, started in 2016, offers a brand new service of gourmet recipe kits that are easy to prepare at home. The “Devour” project works with grocery stores to find new solutions, differentiate and stay competitive. This new concept also aims to reduce food losses at retailers and consumers.

Definitechs Inc.

Definitechs offers software to companies operating drones to make them more autonomous and more talented with the help of artificial intelligence. Definitechs offers solutions that greatly optimize the processes and results of inspections and thus brings value to its customers.


DressYou is a transactional platform whose business objective is to convert sales for fashion retailers through looks created by its users and popular influencers. The platform will allow users to buy the looks of their favorite influencers’ publications in one shopping cart.

Flare Systems Inc.

Flare Systems Inc. (FS) provides digital threat intelligence services to financial institutions in Canada, the United States and Europe.


Kiid offers a turnkey casual caretaking service and guarantees an experienced, reliable and recommended caretaker when the parent needs it.


Mechasys is developing a laser projection system that displays real-scale construction plans on all construction sites.


MySmartJourney gives operators a technological and creative freedom of action by deploying an interactive multimedia experience in a physical location in minutes. Visitors access content without downloading an application. Museums, historical sites, attractions, cities, national parks, springs, etc. can collect valuable data: numbers of views, conversions, routes …


Planitou facilitates communication and information sharing between the various types of childcare services and parents, thanks to a user-friendly platform, accessible on the web and on a mobile device.

PowerTree Inc.

PowerTree has developed a software solution dedicated to the electrical maintenance of buildings. This solution allows quick access to information, updating information when there are changes to the electrical infrastructure and ensuring documentation of knowledge.


Silofit builds a network of private fitness spaces on demand. The company focuses on renting and converting small offices into micro-gyms.

Solutions web PG

The InputKit software offered by PG Web Solutions is a client retention software. It helps service companies increase customer retention, increase sales with existing customers, improve their web and SEO reputation, and build customer loyalty.

Spinyt Technologies

Spinyt offers ephemeral discounts to students in the restaurants around their campus to save money and vary daily meals.

Studio Trébuchet Inc.

Trebuchet is a studio specializing in the creation of original video games in virtual reality.

Upscale Technology

Born of a passion for music, the company Upscale Technology has developed an application and a tool that allow musicians to make their own sound test before a show.


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