40+ Montreal startups to shine again at Collision 2024

40+ Montreal startups to shine again at Collision 2024

by Startup Montréal
23 May 2024

We’re going back to Collision, North America’s largest technology event, taking place in Toronto from June 17 to 20, 2024. The trip is part of the Quebec delegation organized by Investissement Québec International, for the third year in a row, in partnership with Ville de Montréal and in collaboration with Bureau du Québec à Toronto, Startup Montréal, Le Camp, NovariumMagog TechnopoleDesjardins – Caisse des technologies, Montréal international, La fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec et MAIN

In addition to these startups, showcasing the most innovative solutions that Québec has to offer, we are pleased to count on the presence of several organizations supporting the Montreal startup ecosystem: Centech, Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, District 3, Accelia Capital, Fintech Cadence, Groupe 3737, La Base entrepreneuriale, McGill Dobson, Mila, Millenium, Montréal Newtech, MT Lab, Propolys, Queertech, V1 Studio, Zú.

We’re proud to offer exhibition space to half of these startups, thanks to the support of Ville de Montréal. Selected from Collision’s alpha or beta track, they will benefit from mentoring and personalized support to make the most of their participation in the event. 

Nearly a third of companies offer solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning (31.7%), an expertise that is raising Montreal’s international profile and attracting talent, investors and customers. Next in line are fintech (9.8%), video games and virtual reality (9.8%), enterprise solutions (7.3%) and cleantech (7.3%).

Discover the full list of startups representing our metropolis:

  • AAVAA: Bionic ear that acts as a hearing impairment correction device 
  • Acrylic Robotics: Robots that paint with precision, and software that can turn any image or idea into a masterpiece.
  • QuoteMachine: A complete sales solution built to support unique, multi-touch business workflows from initial contact to final payment.
  • Bioeureka: an AI-powered image recognizer application that analyzes, catalogs and interprets images of samples from microscopes.
  • Biocene: using waste resources to create cleaner water bodies across the globe.
  • Breeze: Making it easier to measure greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Byli: AN AI tool to maximize your Trade Show Visit suggesting exhibitors tailored to your needs.
  • CanApply: AI Powered international students platform
  • Capmai: Transforming healthcare through AI-driven diagnostics, improving accuracy, reducing procedural time, and enhancing patient outcomes.
  • CertKOR AI: Platform for auditing and controlling the use of personal data in business processes and AI applications in compliance with ethical standards 
  • Cyberdefense.ai: Platform for AI-automated web cybersecurity that accurately detects cyber threats.
  • Dynamo: Solving traffic in cities using artificial intelligence
  • eeva: improving quality of life with intelligent and intuitive tools that solve your day-to-day problems.
  • Elysium: an intuitive no-code platform that allows anyone to create geo-located interactive experiences for exploration, discovery, and wonder
  • Fabli: A hardware that lets children escape, learn and have fun, thanks to an interactive reader, audio stories and games.
  • Gamotech: zero-emission power for mobile maintenance works with a quiet unit that is proudly made in Quebec.
  • Glowtify: helping ecommerce businesses easily plan, create, publish, and gain actionable insights all in one place.
  • Happly Ai:: Intuitive platform matching businesses with economic opportunities
  • Heylist: Connect, collaborate and hype your brand with the authentic voices of content creators.
  • HINT: support and strengthen your critical thinking to create customized, relevant content.
  • Hivelighter: Harness the power of your daily reading and research by transforming it into concise communications, speed-learning, and knowledge discovery tools.
  • Kaptics: Sensor-based technology designed to analyze emotions for next generation immersive applications
  • Latence Technologies Inc.: Monitor and Predict low-latency connectivity to support time-critical innovations
  • LexRock: Using AI to improve manual input processes, process more cases while reducing processing costs.
  • Lucid Axon: provide transparent ESG insights and data using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms 
  • Ludo: an app that mobilizes your organization without additional effort
  • MySmartJourney: a platform used for the creation and the design of scenarios of cultural or tourist mediation without contact. 
  • NanoSaber: Custom-made antimicrobial coatings for every application: from a syringe needle to the wing of a jetliner
  • Nimble Bubble: accelerate the achievement of work goals with an optimal feedback approach
  • Obius: purchasing and Replenishment Optimization for e-commerce
  • Ohmic Technologies Inc.: Headphone based sensing without sensors
  • PADS Financial: using AI to obtain a home equity loan, purchase a new property, or refinance your mortgage
  • Panorama: Governance software that automates board governance processes and recommends best practices.
  • Phenomena: Expériences de réalité virtuelle en liberté pour divertissements basées sur la localisation (LBE)
  • Pikobuz offers educational digital applications to help students learn to write and support teachers in correcting and monitoring their work.
  • Pilotier: developing safe and reliable autonomous driving software
  • Proteus VR: brings science activities to augmented reality
  • Reelcruit: Recognize and value talents by directing them to the best available opportunities
  • Relocalize: Hyper-localizing and decarbonizing food & beverage manufacturing
  • Recovrs Sports: reimagining recovery from physical injuries by immersing and motivating athletes in virtual reality  
  • Solyntek: Proactive Safety Solutions for a Secure Workplace Environment
  • Sponteous inc.: Dispatch software in shared mobility
  • TASTET: an interactive guide for the best local food spots  
  • Trampoline: a platform for synchronizing all information from the applications used by the company. 
  • Ubenwa: interpreting infants’ cry sounds using AI.
  • V3 Stent inc.: B2B AI/Tech Platform for HR, Sales & Marketing
  • WeChalet: an emerging Quebec platform that simplifies the rental of accommodation in the great outdoors