A delegation of 60+ Montréal startups at Collision 2022

A delegation of 60+ Montréal startups at Collision 2022

by Startup Montréal
20 June 2022

We are proud to bring 60+ Montréal startups to Collision, the largest technology event in North America, which will be held in Toronto from June 20 to 23, 2022. This trip is part of the Québec trade mission organized by Investissement Québec International, in collaboration with the Bureau du Québec in Toronto, Ville de Montréal, Startup Montréal, Le Camp, Flots, 2 Degrees, Laval Économique, Desjardins Entreprises, Granby Industriel, Cilex and LOJIQ.

Among these startups, about 50 have been selected for the Collision alpha or beta program and will benefit from mentoring and personalized coaching to make the most of their participation in the event. Many of them will participate in pitch competitions on the Collision stages and will showcase Montréal’s innovations. 

The Québec delegation’s program of activities includes networking activities and meetings with Canadian and international companies – AIoT Canada, GoHub, Startup Luxembourg, MaRS, Foresight Canada, the Trade Commissioner Service, and many others.

Discover the startups that will represent our city:  

  • 4elements creates interactive multimedia shows where participants have a role to play and where their actions will determine the course of their story, making them the hero of their own adventure.
  • Aeroport AI uses computer vision and deep learning to monitor airport operations through existing ramp and aerobridge cameras to optimize apron management in real time. 
  • AI Redefined (AIR) built a new AI training approach where humans and machines learn continuously from each other to tackle sophisticated challenges in real time.
  • Atypic Labs creates life human experiences enhanced by technology, design and creativity, for augmented spaces, museums and events.
  • Axya is a software (SaaS) that digitizes, optimizes and automates the RFQ process for custom metal parts and connects buyers and suppliers. 
  • Azimut Médical specializes in the development of intelligent protective inflatable garments specifically adapted to the prevention of hip fractures in the elderly.
  • Bebop Games produces video games and develops Playcraft a game that empower anyone to create games.
  • Beyond the Runway is a rental service for dresses, handbags, jewelry from designers. 
  • Binder is a simplified maintenance management solution that gives every maintenance team the tools and information they need to reduce operational risk. 
  • Cap Solar develops flexible, high efficiency solar modules and extra range, longer battery life or a clean energy source for daily commuting, 
  • Carborate leverages AI to enable trucking industry quantitatively measure the energy and emissions footprint of the fleet. 
  • Chembrains offers water treatment and recycling technology, treatment of effluents of surface finishing facilities containing metals, treatment and recycling of water from water games and recreational basins. 
  • Collogh Cares is building a comprehensive solution for inadequate management of advanced chronic kidney disease
  • Cano is a reusable food container system and sustainable reward program that help food retailers eliminate single-use packaging, reduce costs and boost customer loyalty.
  • Epipresto digitizes the product offerings of independent grocery stores and provides a marketplace where consumers order online and get same day delivery. 
  • Explorai helps SMEs along their AI journey, from ideation and exploration to deployment, to discover the potential of AI in the specific context of their industry and their processes from ideation to exploration
  • Fanslab has developed a community platform space made for discussing, interacting, and sharing around common interests, values and passions and grow along the way.
  • Femtherapeutics is harnessing the power of 3D printing and AI to develop the world’s first customizable gynaecological prosthetic to treat Pelvic Floor Disorders.
  • Flowin develops a platform that identifies ad copy elements like price-emphasis or specific emotions to determine which lead to better performance and to improve customers’ ROI.
  • Fluidefi is a fintech company that provides complete, accurate data visualizations to help traders to be more profitable faster.
  • GlüxKind Technologies aims to be the Tesla of baby strollers, a motorized smart stroller supports urban parents with push and brake assistance as well as danger detection by creating a 360 degree safety bubble.
  • V3 Stent is the developer and integrator of the Stent Application, an application that accelerates the digital transformation of B2B companies’ Recruiting, Sales and Marketing teams.
  • Heka Santé develops Paperminds, a digital health platform that helps people with physical pain match with the best physiotherapist.
  • helloDarwin helps businesses evolve technologically by providing tailored service providers based on customers needs.
  • Hippoc uses neuroscience and AI to mimic average humans and improve effectiveness of any design in advance.
  • iCollective provides employees with a tool to grow in their company: mood tracking, knowledge sharing between coworkers and different companies.
  • Koios Intelligence develops Olivo, a native cloud application built with algorithms that enables the centralization and digitization of the insurance industry in a single tool.
  • LatenceTech helps mobile operators, telecom vendors and advanced industries to track, predict and secure the new benefits of 5G cellular technology.
  • Limosa Group aims to revolutionize the world of air transport with the creation of a multifunctional and 100% electric aircraft.
  • Linky Product creates training and coaching programs, dedicated to leaders and teams, in order to tool them up for every step of Product Management.
  • Locapaq offers equipment rental and organizes excursions for budding or experienced adventurers to discover the treasures of Québec.
  • Locketgo’s mission is to improve the infrastructure for parcel delivery in urban and rural areas through a cloud-based platform and smart lockers.
  • Machina AI supplies AI companies with the resources (human and financial) they require for strong profitable growth.
  • Makila AI offers an IA-based solution that covers all aspects of simulations and predictive analysis related to the financial health of the company, business performance and HR management.
  • Mely offers a solution of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) that uses AIto extract documents automatically and to structure the extracted data into a usable form.
  • Mindful develops an Application Relationship Management (ARM) technology that provides a smooth applicant experience while enabling the public and private sector to make Data-Driven-Decisions on the outcome.
  • Mission is building the best market network for product builders (eng, product, design) to work as independents.
  • MySmartJourney is a digital tool available on mobile that can be used as interactive signalisation, a welcome station, a guided interactive tour or a reservation system while collecting user data.
  • Mythologi has developed ELYSIUM, a fully integrated, no-code, cloud-platform for geo-located and persistent AR world-building ad infinitum.
  • Nurau combines micro-trainings and social connections to prevent professional exhaustion within companies thanks to a revolutionary technology.
  • OLICAI forecasts the demand for the fresh food industry with a unique machine learning algorithm that takes into consideration internal and external variables such as historical sales and external factors.
  • Ora Médical provides remote physical rehabilitation through a digital platform connected with a smart gait trainer which adapts in real-time to maximize mobility potential.
  • Paralog studio is a video game studio focused on creating characters that are based on the uniqueness of their owner’s gameplay, style, choices and actions.
  • Pawsome Concierge offers an extensive list of personnalised services for on the go pet owners.
  • Pillar Financial is an all-in-one neobank, complete with bank account, payment card, and the key financial tools to help small businesses run smoothly from day one.
  • PlanHub.ca collects the latest internet and mobility deals in Canada on its web platform which allows consumers to save time and money and telecom carriers to reach their target audience.
  • Quantolio helps institutional portfolio managers to accelerate and improve their management procedures when investing : portfolio optimization, backtesting, hedging, surveillance.
  • Quote-n-Go is a marketplace for home maintenance services, it helps owners to make a comparative analysis of professionals and offers quotes that are ready for real-time orders.
  • Recharjme is a concept of an individual and soundproof cabin in which users can live an immersive relaxation experience, directly in their workplace.
  • Recrulink is a digital platform with AI specializing in local, international recruitment and job placement.
  • Seedwell automatizes personal finance directly at paycheck allowing employees to spend less time managing their financials and therefore reducing stress and improving talent retention.
  • Sports AI is an application equipped with computer vision adapted to team sports as well as cloud servers providing real-time statistics while athletes compete.
  • Studio ZX delivers innovative experiential productions, designed with the audacity of underground nightlife culture.
  • Technologies AIM Colours seeks to revolutionize self-expression by combining cosmetics with technology. A single eCosmetic application can be continuously colour-manipulated from any mobile device.
  • Technologies LifeEngine develops simulation hardware and software tools to accelerate the achievement of surgical excellence through targeted training and performance management.
  • Technologies Matrius is an in-service corrosion monitoring system composed of sensors mounted on several critical and inaccessible locations in petrochemical refining facilities.
  • Tokidos is an educational, engaging, rewarding and screen-free gaming platform that allows young people to develop their cognitive intelligence in a wide variety of games.
  • Tooly supports your service company at every stage, from the choice of your software to its integration and implementation, including the training of your teams.
  • Truxweb offers management services for faster B2B trucking shipments.
  • Vaistat is an on-demand RX delivery platform that customizes, optimizes and simplifies the home delivery process while maximizing the efficiency of pharmaceutical teams.
  • VR eSport Arena is a modular 1000 sqft free-roam VR gaming playground where players compete in engaging multiplayer PvP games.
  • Zetane provides the software and services required to de-risk and trust the deployment of AI innovations in industry.