Do you have news to share? We are EAGER to get to know you.

Do you have news to share? We are EAGER to get to know you.

by Startup Montréal
5 March 2019

Guess what, Bonjour Startup Montreal’s mission is to make you and your startup shine. The microphone is yours!

We would like to put your startup forward by sharing content that could include:

  • Good news of your startup, something that makes you super proud
  • Your observations/findings on our startup ecosystem or other startup communities abroad. What are the best practices abroad? What should we do better?
  • Something didn’t go that well? Speak out and help others learn from your faux pas by sharing your experience.
  • You are a founder or a co-founder? Tell us about an issue that drives you crazy, or about one that you have tattooed on your heart.

How can WE help you?

  • We can relay content through our channels in the community
  • We can create content in collaboration with you (example: Portraits of entrepreneurs)
  • By partnering up with other support organizations to help you shine

How can YOU help us?

  • Send us your subject/idea, or a piece of content to info@bonjourstartupmtl.ca
  • Format: Send us a link of the article to be shared or a document/page presenting the contents to put forward and the proposed format (podcast, portrait on the blog, news, publication, etc.)

Get in touch!

This content call has no deadline. However, please make sure you send us your news as soon as possible so that it is relevant when published.

The Bonjour Startup Montréal team gives itself the discretion of the elements it decides to put forward.