L2M Validation – call for applications

L2M Validation – call for applications

Last day to register: June 6th


Are you a graduate student or a postdoc fellow who wants to verify the commercial potential of your technology? Apply to the Lab 2 Market Validation Program! Program offered in French only.

You have until June 6th to apply to the Fall Cohort of the L2M Validation program.

Details :

$15,000 in financing via the Mitacs Accelerate Program
Conduct market research for your research project
Apply as a Team : Graduate Student + investigator / academic supervisor
16 weeks / online


Graduate Students or Postdoctoral Fellows in team with Investigator / Academic Supervisor


$15,000 in financing
Validate your idea’s market potential
Receive feedback from seasoned coaches and mentors
Unlock your business potential of your research