Researchers in Entrepreneurship Network

Researchers in Entrepreneurship Network

Last day to register: February 26th


Applications for the Researchers in entrepreneurship Network are now open!  

Are you a researcher looking to advance your career and broaden your network?

Join the Researchers in Entrepreneurship Network (REN)! Network in a safe space to talk about your research project and gain valuable contacts. Selected candidates will receive soft skill training and professional development training as well as the opportunity to become REN ambassadors, accessing networking events in Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Program overview:

The Researchers in Entrepreneurship Network (REN) helps researchers develop their soft skills while exploring Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and the opportunities it has to offer.

Training: Soft skill development workshops curated specifically for researchers to develop their entrepreneurial mindset. We’ll cover topics such as entrepreneurial mindset, optimizing skill sets acquired in academia in an entrepreneurial environment, personal branding, pitching your strengths and networking best practices.

Guidance: Personalized one-on-one session with an ecosystem advisor to help you understand the entrepreneurial and career path opportunities in the ecosystem that best suit you and your expertise.
Support Network: Access to a network of researcher support organizations and incubators to provide field-specific opportunities and guidance for your next steps.

Networking: Access to industry-specific and entrepreneurship networking events in the Quebec entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Peer-to-peer learning: Access to a support network of entrepreneurs with diverse academic backgrounds at different stages in their entrepreneurial journey.

The first program of its kind

Home to no less than 18 universities, Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has differentiated itself as an international hub for innovation. The juxtaposition of the academic and entrepreneurial ecosystems makes Quebec Canada’s richest province in higher-education institutions and in innovation potential. Alongside 17 REN ecosystem collaborators, the program extends the runway for researchers to make educated decisions about their next steps in entrepreneurship and gives them time to develop and refine their entrepreneurial soft skills and mindset.

Commitment Level
Activity Cadence: Workshops will primarily take place on Fridays for 3 hours in mid-day. Workshops will primarily be virtual. Networking activities will be in-person.
Time Commitment: Commitment of up to 3 hours per week with the exception of onboarding and networking events.

Important Dates
Spring 2023 Pilot Cohort Application Deadline: Sunday, February 26th, 2023
Program Start and Onboarding Day: Thursday, April 6th, 2023 (in-person)
Program End Date(s): Startup Fest from July 12th to July 14th, 2023 (in-person)


What you need to apply
Masters or PhDs in progress or completed within the past 3 years.
Reside in Quebec, Canada.
Possess a moderate language proficiency in both English and French.
Specialization in a STEM or social sciences field.

The REN program best suited for you if
– You have an understanding of basic entrepreneurial concepts acquired through a university class, an exploratory entrepreneurship program like QcSE or S2E, professional experience, or other.
– You have a strong willingness to explore how your research can have an impact beyond academia.
– You have an openness to explore opportunities and learn about yourself and grow as an individual.


Access soft skill development workshops curated specifically for researchers to develop their entrepreneurial mindset
Access training, tailored guidance, and professional development
Access a support network to help advance your career
Access entrepreneurial ecosystem networking events
Light commitment of up to 3 hours per week
Free, value of $1000 thanks to financial support from the John Dobson Foundation