Startup Genome launched its Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2019

Startup Genome launched its Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2019

by Startup Montréal
9 May 2019

Which startup ecosystems are growing the fastest? What Sub-Sectors of Innovation are on the rise? Who stands out in terms of talents? Which sub-sectors of innovation are on the rise?

The answers to these questions can be found in the world’s most comprehensive and consulted report on the startup scene – The the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2019(#GSER2019). Bonjour Startup Montreal has teamed up with Startup Genome to highlight the city of Montreal and showcase our efforts internationally.

It is this morning in Amsterdam, during the conference The Next Web that the organization disclosed its annual report. On May 9, 2019, part of our team has traveled to attend this unveiling and support local entrepreneurs.

Startup Genome is recognized as the most consulted publication for the positioning of global startup ecosystems. Their report includes the most important research on international startups and classifies cities according to several criteria. The report is based on data from thousands of startup founders and extensive research from millions of companies. In total, more than 50 startup ecosystems are compared on many indicators. Featuring new and exclusive content, including the first-ever Life Sciences Ecosystem Ranking, the GSER 2019 provides insights and guidance to public and private leaders in dozens of countries and cities about how to cultivate vibrant startup ecosystems. We are very proud to have a special place for Montreal in this report and believe it will help our economic growth in the next year.

Montreal is particularly defined as an ecosystem to monitor in the areas of artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, and in the field of advanced technologies and robotics. In addition, Montréal is among the top 20 startup ecosystems for talent expenses.

“Montreal is a good place to start a business. There is a great access to funding and talents. The city offers one of the best lifestyles, a thriving cultural scene and the third best transportation system in North America.”

Simon Décary, Economic Development Commissioner, Digital Sector and Start-ups, City of Montreal

The report compares cities and their benefits to help start-ups to choose the right place to start their business. Here’s a list of a few pros that differentiate Montreal from other cities around the world :

  1. Montreal is the third ecosystem for the aerospace industry after the cities of Seattle and Toulouse.
  2. McGgill University and University of Montreal are home to more than 250 researchers in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and the city has w two AI accelerators on their territory.
  3. The city has generated $3.4 billion in value in the ecosystem over the last 2.5 years.
  4. Montreal offers 40% tax credits on R&D expenses.
  5. French Canadians are very friendly people 🙂

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