Let’s welcome our new FoundHers cohort

Let’s welcome our new FoundHers cohort

by Startup Montréal
5 March 2021

We are proud to welcome a new cohort made of 16 women for this third edition of Foundhers, formerly known as Entreprendre au féminin. These 16 women have had the occasion to meet for the first time on Thursday, March 4 during a virtual greet & meet session. 

The 16 women who want to go from idea into action with a business project are an example of Montreal’s diversity at its best! Of the sixteen founders, seven of them come from diverse ethnocultural backgrounds. In addition to cultural diversity, there is also age diversity as half of the selected women are between 18 and 35, and the other half is 36 and over.

The women of this new cohort have business projects that are aligned with the idea of ​​a sustainable and innovative revival of Montréal’s economy. Most of the women wish to have an impact in society with their project with seven women who have a business proposal in the sectors of environment, sustainable development or circular economy. 

Here are the names of the 16 women who make up this third cohort. Remember their names! They represent the best in female entrepreneurship:


Starting on March 9, the sixteen women begin the Boost course for a period of 5 weeks to learn the basics on how to develop their business model.

From this initial cohort, ten women will be selected to pursue the program for 12 more weeks in the Lift course which aims to propel them to commercialization of their business. Then, at the end of the program, one woman will receive a $5000 grant and 6 months of free personalized support to launch their business.

The 3rd edition of FoundHers is presented by BMO, in collaboration with Explorance, Ubisoft Montreal and BDC. To learn more, visit the program’s website: http://mtlinc.ca/foundhers