A log book to follow our growth academy project

A log book to follow our growth academy project

by Startup Montréal
8 February 2021

A few weeks ago I took over a very exciting project from Patrick Gagné, as part of my new role as Entrepreneur In Residence at Bonjour Startup Montreal. The growth academy project aims to build a program that supports the development of growth skills among Montreal professionals.

Thanks to all of the ecosystem work over the past decade, we are now proudly at a stage where there exists a diverse set of training opportunities and support for founders in the form of accelerators, training, up-skilling, mentorship, and more. As founders grow their companies, however, access to quality talent and stage appropriate skillsets is still a challenge. The change surrounding the openness of remote work definitely help Montreal companies look elsewhere for that talent, but what about all of the latent talent we have within Montreal?

At Bonjour Startup Montreal, we are looking to develop a program that supports the development of growth skills by engaging the best of our local, national and international community.

Some of the questions I’m considering this week are:

  • How is growth defined?
    • Is it product led? Is it demand generation led? Is it strategy led?
  • Who are the right people to support this?
    • I’m hoping to build a diverse advisory team of local and international growth leaders to help provide a stamp of approval to our efforts. This will help us ensure we are keeping our content at current market standards.
  • Who are the right people to partner with locally?
    • We are initially looking at partnering with local industries such as tourism that have been adversely affected by the pandemic. What other industries should we be thinking about?

Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you have any ideas, thoughts, questions, please reach out at kyle@bonjourstartupmtl.ca to discuss!