Montréal inc. launches the Women Entrepreneurs Circuit

by Startup Montréal
23 January 2019

Montréal inc. is launching the Women Entrepreneurs Circuit to increase the number of business projects driven by women, and support them in success. It involves three interrelated components: Detect entrepreneurial ambition, facilitate the move to action, support startups.

“Too few women present us with startup projects. With the assistance of women members of our Board of Directors and award-winning young women entrepreneurs, we have decided to trigger a reaction and activate the business ambitions of young women through very concrete actions. We’ve had enough discussion. It’s time for action!” declared Liette Lamonde, Director General of Montréal inc.

Detect entrepreneurial ambition Mtl inc. will rely on a digital strategy to reach women entrepreneurs in the making between ages 18 and 35, and will mobilize its network of influencers, associations and organizations in support of entrepreneurship or women.

Facilitate the move to action Video clips calling on model young women entrepreneurs will address all the real obstacles or those perceived by women during the ideation stage.  A Boost Camp lasting a day and a half will be organized in May, when the aspiring women entrepreneurs can develop their network, build their confidence and validate their business idea.

Support business startups A program will be offered to Montréal inc. award-winning women entrepreneurs, which will include: coaching, assistance in searching for financing, co-development groups and access to an influential business network.

“BMO has long encouraged the advancement and visibility of women entrepreneurs through many key initiatives. We are very enthusiastic to be collaborating with Montréal inc. in this project supporting women in their business activities,” added Claude Gagnon, President, Operations, BMO Financial Group, Québec.

Display your entrepreneurial ambition: The Circuit will reach women between ages 18 and 35 who, admittedly or not, want to start up an innovative project, on their own or with partners, to create a flourishing business, in every sector of activity. Register on this link to be kept informed about the next key dates. www.montrealinc.ca/fr/nouvelle/entreprendre-au-feminin

The Women Entrepreneurs Circuit, which will be held over the next 3 years, is presented by BMO, in collaboration with BDC, Explorance and Ville de Montréal.




Source : Montréal inc.

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