Montréal inc. welcomes 26 new companies

Montréal inc. welcomes 26 new companies

by Startup Montréal
4 July 2018
Fondation Montréal inc. gives $ 256,000 to young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35 and is proud to welcome 26 new Montreal companies. Some of them become laureates and receive a grant between $ 5,000 and $ 30,000, as well as lifetime access to Montréal inc.’s à la carte services. Others benefit from a 12-month access to a la carte services in order to develop their potential.
The next call for applications will take place this autumn, while some 20 other companies will be selected. For more information visit the Grant+‘s page.

Discover the 16 laureates


Amélio is a web application web that helps companies accelerate growth and reduce staff turnover. It measures employee engagement and performance and creates made-to-measure action pathways for each manager. Amélio provides leadership coaching to managers and increases employee retention.


Autonom Inc. specializes in the development of intelligent energy storage solutions to ensure the availability of a clean and affordable source of electricity. Its solutions help telecoms—such as ISPs—save on equipment maintenance by connecting their products the Internet and allowing Autonom to remotely monitor battery health and notify the owners.

Chocolat Montréal

Chocolat Montréal is a premium chocolate workshop located in Montréal. Founded in October 2017, the company subcontracts for the corporate sector and distributes its private label products online and through local retail stores. Thanks to its expertise and cutting-edge specialized equipment, Chocolat Montréal can customize chocolate and packaging with company branding.


Eugeria is focused on giving seniors and their loved ones the means to prevent and compensate for decreasing independence. Its mission is to help these individuals thrive and make the most of their lives, independently and without anxiety. The Eugeria solution includes an assessment, an educational component and a shop with recommended products and services.

Feel Good Etc.

Feel Good Etc. is more than a hair care company. It aims to promote natural beauty, empowering all men and women to embrace their true selves. It is specialized in creating non-toxic, organic and vegan products, filled with essential oils and natural ingredients in beautiful recyclable packagings. Because they know every person is so unique, they also propose to study every client’s hair type and give the diagnosis in order to provide them with the most precise Hair Routine, promising to recover and maintain the strands as healthy as they can be.

Intelligence Industrielle

By combining its smart sensors with its data analysis and control software, Intelligence Industrielle is the first company to offer a comprehensive solution that offers expanded access to collection and analysis of manufacturing data by way of simple and flexible processes. Intelligence Industrielle helps manufacturing SMBs with their Industry 4.0 digital shift by optimizing their production.

Kinesix Sports

Kinesix Sports Inc. is currently developing a 4-season smart heating jacket that automatically adapts to body temperature and outside temperature based on user presets. It’s the only smart heating jacket in the world with removable heating elements that users can place as desired. Like a home thermostat, the jacket reads the real-time temperature detected by its built-in sensors and regulates the heat by turning the heating elements on or off for optimal comfort at all times.

Les Montres Solios

Solios Watches makes solar-powered timepieces that don’t require any maintenance or battery replacement. These elegant, understated and refined watches were designed in keeping with environmental concerns and make it possible for anyone to own an affordable and eco-friendly fashion product without sacrificing style.

Nimbus Tutoring

Nimbus Tutoring is a mobile app that connects students and graduates who have excelled in certain courses with students who may need some extra help. The tutoring industry is fragmented and plagued by outdated methods. Nimbus Tutoring was created to solve these problems through technology, while prioritizing quality treatment of tutors and convenience of service for students. Students can navigate and choose tutors based on their budget and needs: from schedule, to location, to additional languages spoken, students can book their most convenient lesson in a matter of seconds.

Nomad Bloc

Nomad Bloc will be the first fully outdoor bouldering gym in Montréal and the first mobile climbing centre in the world. Open from June to October, facilities will be designed to provide a unique outdoor bouldering experience for Montrealers and tourists alike. The fully mobile centre can be installed in less than 4 hours. What’s more, its concept and design offers a wide variety of climbing routes because of the dimensions and mobility of the walls.

OCNI Factory

OCNI Factory is the leading creator of innovative food products dreamed up by designers. All UFOs (Unidentified Food Objects) are produced with care in Montréal and comply with the UFO charter: Good products, innovation and fun. OCNI has developed and marketed its Seasoning Sticks, which are tasty condiments in the shape of a pencil that you “sharpen” to spice up your dishes.


Patterns has developed a marketing intelligence platform specially designed for independent retailers. Its objective is to meet entrepreneurs’ ever-increasing need for information. The platform collects data, analyzes the data using learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence A.I.), and then transforms the resulting analyses into simplified primary marketing information with high added value.

Picolo Vélo

Leading Canadian manufacturer of high-performance wood bicycle frames, Picolo Vélo is launching its frames on the market after 3 years of research and development. These frames offer sports cycling enthusiasts an alternative to the carbon frames that dominate the market for an incomparable look, but also, and especially, unrivalled comfort and perfectly comparable performance.

Precision Analytics

Precision Analytics is a health data science consultancy actively developing an analytical platform. The company works with Canadian organizations in the private and public sector, primarily in health and research domains. It seeks provide innovative solutions for data analytics by providing a software as a service platform to researchers, clinicians, and executives. They offer full-stack support, from data infrastructure to analytics to interactive dashboards by blending high level statistical expertise with thoughtful automation.

Qantu, cacao et chocolat

Qantu is a global benchmark in the selection of fine cocoa beans and production of high end chocolate. In 2018, Qantu intends to offer chocolate makers and confectioners the opportunity to work with one of the world’s best chocolates. Artisanal bean-to-bar chocolatiers can set themselves apart by using cocoa beans selected by Qantu.

Studio Ottomata

Ottomata’s mission is to enhance human reality by creating multisensory experiences and environments imbued with sensitivity provided by new technologies. The range of available services includes the creation of ephemeral interactive installations for festivals, artists or major brands, or permanent installations intended to astonish and engage passers-by in cultural sites.


Discover the 10 promotors – They benefit from a 12-month access to our free à la carte services in the Zone Desjardins.


4vryng is a social business and brand, with a mission to help society reduce and manage stress with hopes of ultimately leading them to an enhanced quality of life and wellness.  We have developed with a local manufacturer, a liquid relaxation supplement that can be integrated into one’s lifestyle.  More specifically, we have designed this relaxation supplement to uniquely complement major stress reducing trends and activities.  Promoting our supplement within traditional stress reducing environments such as Spas and Yoga institutions has generated much interest.


Alinea wants to offer architects and other construction professionals a multiplatform technology that efficiently manages and applies building code compliance requirements at all stages of a project.


Eva is a cooperative whose mission is to continually develop new decentralized technologies for urban mobility. It offers a platform for liaison between driver and passenger members to promote a sharing economy ecosystem. As a cooperative, Eva democratizes the redistribution of wealth and promotes a climate of cooperation and collaboration.


DeMTL has developed an online building management platform with a particular focus on electricity. The platform provides quick access to the information needed to perform electrical maintenance and repair, to update information in the event of changes to the electrical infrastructure and to automatically generate impact reports for planned outages.


In a nutshell, FITN will provide a no membership platform to instantly book single classes in different studios/boutique gyms throughout Montreal without having to sign a contract or commit to the same facility. There will also be the option to book the instructors for 1on1 training with the possibility to see them in one of the partner facilities in the FitN network

Haven Hub

Haven Hub is a social enterprise that reimagines primary care to curb the overuse of emergency services. They deliver homecare integrative medicine to seniors aged 65 and more, with the objective to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as physical and emotional restoration of health. They offer coordinated and personalized care plans which enable patients to remain in their homes and out of hospital.

Les studios pocketware

Odondoo is a sharing economy platform that enables users to delegate tasks so they can free up their time and encourage the local economy. The platform consists of an online market where services can be bought and sold, and a virtual assistant that enhances the user experience.


The Minbøk is an exceptionally versatile, lightweight notebook with professional style. Minbøk sheets can be removed, transposed or combined with ease, just like with a binder, but without the bulk. These notebooks are incredibly lightweight and their binding is fully hidden by the cover, which is similar to the traditional Moleskine type.

Le Shwap Club

Le Shwap Club is Canada’s number one women’s clothing exchange club. It offers an inventory and permanent physical space for members (and the public) to swap garments. Clients can buy an annual membership or pay a per-visit fee.

Solutions Airix

Airix is re-imagining the pharmacy experience and building a modern more customer-centric, higher service and more convenient / user-friendly pharmacy in Montreal. It brings back the focus to health services and products. Airix has also designed an mobile app to facilitate interactions between the pharmacy and it’s patients.