OSMO and Montréal Inc. Selected as Regional Innovation Hub

OSMO and Montréal Inc. Selected as Regional Innovation Hub

by Startup Montréal
12 July 2018

From left to right at Startupfest : Philippe Telio (Startupfest), Patrick Gagné (Osmo), Alan MacIntosh (Osmo), Liette Lamonde (Montréal inc.), Stéphane Billette (MESI), Philippe Couillard (Premier ministre du Québec), Laurence Lavigne Lalonde (Ville de Montréal), Géraldine Martin (Ville de Montréal) 

Montréal – OSMO and Montréal inc. are proud to announce that their joint bid in the Quebecgovernment’s call for projects for the creation of regional innovation hubs was selected for the Montreal region. This announcement was made yesterday by Quebec Premier Phillippe Couillard, during a speech made at the Montreal Startupfest.

“We should encourage and enable innovation across Quebec by allowing a new model of regional development to emerge which is not dictated by the government. We want all of our regions to be increasingly in innovation mode, each with its own realities, niches, leaders and choices. Since 2014, Quebec is doing better and our regions have a new momentum. Today, we take advantage of this to build a new Quebec that sees and does things differently. I applaud the vision of the new Montreal regional innovation hub, centered around entrepreneurs, to improve their access to the services that are aimed at them.”

Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec

With a shared vision and common values, OSMO and Montréal inc. will join their respective strengths to create a project centered around startups and entrepreneurs. The accumulated experience and expertise of OSMO and Montréal inc. will allow them to mobilize the startups, the ecosystem organizations, the universities, and the business community, and help them expand their influence internationally.

“I am very pleased that we were selected to play this role for the innovation hub. We firmly believe that the collaboration between OSMO and Montréal Inc. will be beneficial to the ecosystem. Our partnership demonstrates the necessity of collaboration and of “coopetition” to create a more successful ecosystem. In addition to sharing a startup DNA and to being anchored in the community, our two organizations are very complementary. OSMO is at the heart of the development of the startup ecosystem since 2009. Since its creation, the organization has created a bridge between the francophone and anglophone communities, the virtual and the physical, startup founders and the venture capital sector. We will continue to play this role”, emphasized Patrick Gagné, OSMO CEO-In-Residence.

“For 22 years, we have connected the best local startups with Montréal inc. It is that capacity to mobilize the Montrealbusiness community to benefit entrepreneurs and to collaborate with the ecosystem actors that we wish to leverage for the new innovation hub. Our vision, shared with OSMO, is that of an ecosystem recognized on a global level, easy to navigate for startups, tailored to their needs, and that maximizes the partnerships between organizations and multiplies advantageous connections for all. We want to help reinforce and spread the influence of a startup ecosystem of which will always be proud to be a part”, underlined Liette Lamonde, Executive Director of Montréal inc.

Montreal is a breeding ground for startups. There are close to 2 600 seedlings in our territory whose development is fostered by roughly forty incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurial centers. Not to mention PME MTL, the network that coaches and finances Montreal businesses. Today a new innovation hub dedicated to startups will be added to this ecosystem, which will make Montreal an even more attractive place and encourage synergy among its actors”, Laurence Lalonde Lavigne, Member of the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal, Responsible for transparency, democracy, governance, citizen life and Espace pour la vie.

As the regional hub for the Montreal region, a financial contribution of $400 000 will be disbursed annually to this new regional hub for the development of entrepreneurship and innovation.

About OSMO

The OSMO Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to support the development of the Montreal startup ecosystem and ensure that Montreal is in the top 20 of the global business ecosystem. Its first initiative was to create the Notman House, a unique physical space to support startups and entrepreneurship. For more information, visit www.osmomtl.org

About Montréal inc.

Fondation Montréal inc. propels towards success the most promising entrepreneurs through grants, access to a high-level business network and the expertise of experienced business volunteers. Fondation Montréal inc. awards annually over $700,000 in grants, without taking any participation, offers young entrepreneurs personalized à la carte services and opens the Montréal inc. doors to them thanks to its vast network of more than 450 business volunteers. A charitable organization, Fondation Montréal inc. is 80% funded by the private sector and has contributed, since 1996, to the creation of more than 900 businesses. www.montrealinc.ca

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