Map for Montreal’s artificial intelligence ecosystem

Map for Montreal’s artificial intelligence ecosystem

by Startup Montréal
19 April 2021

Discover our map to visually represent Montreal’s artificial intelligence ecosystem and download the PDF!

This map, developed in collaboration with Next AI, IVADO and Montréal International, provides an overview of the organizations that make up the Montreal ecosystem and aims to provide tools to entrepreneurs, support organizations and decision makers to understand Montréal’s startup ecosystem. 

“Montreal is a well-known global hub in artificial intelligence, it’s a fact. Throughout the years, Montreal was able to attract several large companies that in part launched innovative hubs dedicated to artificial intelligence. This expertise led to an increasing number of organizations dedicated to AI and, also, an increasing number of startups that incorporate AI into their business model,” says Liette Lamonde, CEO of Bonjour Startup Montreal.

This map of Montreal’s artificial intelligence ecosystem is one more tool in the toolbox developed by Startup Montréal for entrepreneurs, support organizations and decision-makers to better understand Montreal’s startup ecosystem.