The Tour du Québec
The Tour du Québec

The Tour du Québec facilitates the adoption of emerging technologies across Quebec by connecting manufacturing companies with local startups, fostering growth on both sides: companies benefit from access to innovative, local solutions, while startups expand their customer base and gain access to new resources.

Generating new business opportunities for high-potential technology startups
Generating new business opportunities for high-potential technology startups

Useful information

Stimulate the local economy: encourage the production and purchase of Quebec products to strengthen the local economy.
Growth in robotization: Quebec has experienced significant growth in robotization, outpacing both Ontario and Canada, underlining the importance of innovation in the manufacturing sector.
Importance of R&D and innovation: current economic uncertainty highlights the crucial need for research, development and technological modernization for robust, resilient businesses.
What is it?
An initiative designed to create meeting opportunities between Quebec manufacturing and startups.
Who is it for?
Manufacturing companies in any region of Quebec: well-established companies in the industry with sales of around 2 to $5 million.
Local economic players: companies willing to invest in proof-of-concept projects with startups, and motivated to work closely with innovators.
How can we help?
Participation in a needs definition workshop, a virtual networking session with startups and an in-person event in your region.
Personalized support: Benefit from one-on-one meetings to help you select innovative solutions and identify the financial aid and subsidies available to cover the integration of innovation.
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