Hypercroissance Québec
Hypercroissance Québec

Hypercroissance Québec is the first program dedicated to startups in the hyper-growth phase or scaleups. 

Hypercroissance Québec

The program

The program, developed in collaboration with our partner Apexe Global and the financial support of the ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation du Québec, aims to increase exports and to accelerate the growth of Québec startups by increasing their ability to succeed in their hyper-growth phase and to generate global markets.  

Our objective: We want to double the overall growth rate of participating scaleups and triple foreign sales within 24 months thanks to our network of successful executives and founders from top international ecosystems. We will work with scaleup executives as a team, across functions, to penetrate new global markets and create hypergrowth.  

The first cohort of the programme has been unveiled. Check out our press release for more information. 

If you would like to be added to our database for future programs in Quebec, please contact us at info@startupmontreal.com 

Hypercroissance Québec will work with the fastest growing and most ambitious scaleups in Québec by offering a set of tailor made services.

Global Scaling and Mentorship Coaching
Global Scaling and Mentorship Coaching Tailored program to each C-level executive along 5 functional lines. Each executive will benefit from one-on-one mentorship by a globally successful mentor, peer-to-peer mentorship by function and deeper coaching sessions by global experts.
International Sales Mission
International Sales Mission Program leaders, mentors in key markets and trade agencies will open their networks of top corporate customer relationships for virtual meetings leading to missions by our experts to close sales in other markets.
Peer to Peer groups
Peer to Peer groups Peer-to-peer co-development groups by function will be set up. Guided group meetings with a facilitator as well as interviews will be offered in the program in order to create rich content on which future cohorts can capitalize.





Discover the 11 scaleups of the first cohort

Founded in 2010, 360Medlink Inc. is a software company specializing in healthcare providing Digital Health Platforms and Digital Therapeutics (DTx) to optimize patient care and improve access to vulnerable populations. Working with the world’s leading pharma/biotech companies, their products are used across teh globe and deployed to patients with conditions such as cancer, psoriasis, HIV and chronic pain.

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Alfred Technologies commercializes an AI powered solution named Alfred that enables restaurant and hotel operators to improve their productivity, increase their profitability and enhance the experience of their customers as well as their employees by optimizing and simplifying their inventory management and supply of wines and spirits. Alfred proposes many key features such as a unique perpetual inventory concept eliminating the need for periodic inventory, access to a precise database of more than 305,000 wine and spirits references, information on the optimal tasting ranges (OTR) and information on market values of products, allowing restaurant and hotel operators to sell the right products, at the right time…and at the right price!

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Diffusion Solutions Intégrées Inc. (DSI) is a B2B SaaS company that specializes in digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses for all trades such as delivery services, plumbing, electricity, HVAC, construction, and many others. Their flagship product, Progression Live, is a cloud-based dispatch platform for task management. It optimizes and simplifies the management of service calls, maintenance, deliveries, pick-ups, purchase orders and eliminate all paper forms.

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Empower is the world’s first digital marketing assistant helping businesses cope with an ever increasingly complex marketing ecosystem. Leveraging hundreds of data points and through an engaging interface, users get a daily feed of marketing predictions and recommendations that can be actioned and fulfilled with one click. Empower removes the need for internal resources or expensive software’s and makes managing marketing efforts simple, efficient, affordable and fun.

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FoodHero is a mobile app that connects grocery stores and consumers to quickly sell surplus food that would otherwise end up in the trash. FoodHero represents a rewarding way for its shoppers to save big on food, while helping supermarkets to massively reduce food waste and improve their bottom line.

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In 2016, Intelia embarked on a mission to transform poultry production through digitization. Offering a complete farm data management system, from IoTs and sensors to artificial intelligence tools and predictive analytics, Intelia helps poultry producers embrace digital transformation to optimize their production and increase sustainability.

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Founded in 2002, Language Research Development Group (LRDG) is one of the leading developers and suppliers of online language testing and training technology tools and services in Canada. LRDG offers English as a second language (ESL) and French as a second language (FSL) training solutions. LRDG guarantees a highly effective 90% success rate in helping learners achieve their goals, by using a blended methodology combining comprehensive online learning materials with highly qualified tutors. LRDG is currently being used across the Canadian Government.

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MYNI produces and sells natural cleaning products without using water or plastic. Their dissolvable tablets concentrated to the size of a quarter are 300X lighter, 200X smaller and use 1000X less energy than regular cleaning products and in that sense, they revolutionize the cleaning product industry.

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Founded in 2003, Spiria is a software development firm focused on helping companies successfully execute digital projects through strategy, design, and custom development. Their experts work with leading brands on building game changing digital products, optimizing processes, and generating growth through digital transformation.

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Viridis Terra specializes in the field of ecosystem restoration and sustainable management to fight the global problem of land degradation. Its main activities focus on the restoration of degraded ecosystems, lands, and soils; and on the formulation, implementation and sustainable management of large-scale reforestation, afforestation and forest and agroforest landscape restoration projects.

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Zetane provides the software and services you need to deploy trustworthy artificial intelligence in critical operations with full confidence. Their patented technology enables clients to visualize the internal workings of deep learning models so you can safety test and explain this otherwise abstract technology to AI professionals and industry experts. Their services for robust computer vision ensure that you identify vulnerabilities in computer vision models and datasets so you can optimize its functioning for all possible operating conditions encountered in the real world.

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