Coulisses du Financement
Coulisses du Financement

It’s hard to find your way through all the funding offers and trends and to access the right people to move forward. Imagine how great it would be if a sole event made available everyone you need to meet, and everything you need to know.
Oh wait…

1 day, hot topics, real infos, meaningful connections
1 day, hot topics, real infos, meaningful connections

Practical information

June 6, 8:30am - 8pm

Centre Phi, 315 St. Paul Street W, Montreal
A full day on startup funding, designed by and for entrepreneurs. On the agenda: animated discussions, workshops and connections, with top entrepreneurs who are not afraid to speak the truth, experts on current trends, and key funding players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (VCs, Angels, ecosystem partners...).
For whom
Startup founders who are looking for clear answers to their questions, and simplified access to funding players.
The program is designed and adaptable for startups at the pre-seed and seed stage. Make your own course of the day according to your stage and your desires.
50$ - in person

Animated discussions
Animated discussions Experts and entrepreneurs will take the floor to paint the most realistic and transparent picture possible of today's startup financing. Between hot debates and practical workshops, leave with real answers and food for thought.
Smart connections
Smart connections Thanks to our app, we will put you in touch with THE right persons throughout the day to discuss your questions. In the evening, take advantage of the networking cocktail where the most important players in financing will be available, together, in the same place. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask them all your questions!
A program designed by and for startups
A program designed by and for startups We have consulted a committee of entrepreneurs to build a program that addresses the topics that interest YOU. A day adapted to your needs and adaptable to your stage and desires.

In person ticket - $50

For whom
Founders of startups. All sectors and stages.
Access all activities, including hands-on workshops. Choose from different topics.
Make relevant connections among peers, and attend the exclusive networking cocktail with VCs and ecosystem partners.
Included with your ticket
Breakfast, lunch, snacks, cocktail.

In person ticket - $50

For whom
Founders of startups. All sectors and stages.
Access all activities, including hands-on workshops. Choose from different topics.
Make relevant connections among peers, and attend the exclusive networking cocktail with VCs and ecosystem partners.
Included with your ticket
Breakfast, lunch, snacks, cocktail.


While enjoying a breakfast, we will present you the goal of this event, how the connection app works, and the agenda of the day.

Speakers :

  • Startup Montréal
  • Banque Nationale
  • B2B/2GO

English | Panel 

Society is in transition, and so is the investment industry. In a post-COVID era and trends geared towards diversity, environment and societal impact, startups should no longer take their old knowledge and prognosis for granted. But don’t panic! Leading experts will paint a picture of investing in North America today, and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Speakers :

  • Geneviève Tanguay, CEO, Anges Québec (moderator)
  • Luc Giguère, Startup Director, Banque Nationale
  • Jacques Bernier, Managing Partner, Teralys Capital
  • Scott Loong, Partner, Panache Ventures

English | Panel | Seed/marketing stage

Why and when to use external capital (equity or debt)? Is it always necessary? A lively debate between entrepreneurs who have navigated fundraising and entrepreneurs who have reached the limits of bootstrapping.

Speakers :

  • Amira Boutouchent, Co-founder & CEO, BRIDGR (moderator)
  • Alexandre Turbide – Co-fondateur, BeatConnect 
  • Samuel Finn, CEO and Co-founder, Ergonofis

English | Panel | Pre-seed/pre-marketing stage

A discussion between entrepreneurs on all sources of financing available at the start-up stage (love money, socio-financing, grants, competitions), and on the pitfalls to avoid and their best moves.

Speakers :

  • Nada Debay, Founder and CEO, Treater Technologies (moderator)
  • Samuel Lamire Dupont,  Co-founder and CEO, Kiima
  • Ralph Nakhle, Co-founder and CEO, Tokidos
  • Farnel Fleurant, Founder and CEO, Workind

Bilingual | P2P 

Get together to exchange ideas with your peers following the content delivered during the morning. Thanks to the information collected during your registration, we will form groups of entrepreneurs to exchange experiences, advice, tools in all transparency and freedom.



Take advantage of the lunch hour to optimize your connections. Thanks to our app, easily find people who are your “super-match” or suggest topics of discussion and get together with people who are turned on by the same topic.

French | Conference | Seed/Marketing stage

Today, what is the classic fundraising scheme? What are the investors’ biases in this scheme? How to choose your investors? With our speaker specialized in EDI, find the keys to “play the game” and succeed in raising funds quickly.

Speaker Roxanne Leduc – CEO, Cap inclusive

English | Workshop | Pre-seed/pre-marketing stage

With the help of a lawyer used to working with startups, demystify in this practical workshop this black beast that is the termsheet and discover the pitfalls to avoid, and the limits to set not to penalize your startup.

Speakers :

  • Laurie McQueen – Partner, KRB Avocats
  • Philip Barrar – Stealth Startup

French | Discussion | Pre-seed/pre-marketing stage

Does the topic of valuation remain unclear to you? An exchange between two experts to understand the basics of valuation in obtaining a first financing and its impact for the next rounds and its exit.

Speakers :

  • Jim Texier – Partner and CTO, Framework Venture Partners 
  • Audrey Gagnière – Associée investissement, AQC Capital 

Bilingual | Ask me anything | Seed/Marketing stage

What is really the place of impact on the decision for an investor?  Come and ask all your questions on how to prepare an investment round and how to create the dynamics of the ideal round when you are an impact startup or not.

Speakers :

  • Sylvain Carle – Partner, Innovobot 
  • Katy Yam – Partner, Real Ventures & General Manager, FounderFuel

English | Interview 

An assertive entrepreneur and a VC will stage this first meeting and show you how to play your cards right so that the charm works and what are the signs that the relationship can be healthy and viable.

Speakers :

  • David Dufresne – Founding Partner, CMD Capital
  • Katrina Albert, Co-founder and President, Lux Aerobot


Consulting Clinics

In a speed-coaching format, learn more about key financing topics by meeting with experts individually for 15 minutes.
Places are limited!

  • Looking for talent: what grants to hire the right resources and train? – Startup Montreal
  • Shareholder agreement: building a solid foundation between founders – KRB Lawyers
  • Concierge: navigating the financing ecosystem – Startup Montreal
  • The key points of valuation in fundraising and Exit, is it an option for my startup – EY
  • How to maximize your crowdfunding campaign – Ulule
  • Finding and targeting the right grants – Fundica
  • Financing your first prototyping – REYJIN SPORT

Bilingual | Cocktail

An exclusive and rare opportunity to get access to people sometimes too inaccessible! Take advantage of the cocktail to meet with major startup financing organizations to learn more about their offers and validate your eligibility.

They will be there :

  • Banque Nationale
  • BDC
  • Développement Économique Canada
  • Evol
  • Futurpreneur
  • Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada
  • Innovéé
  • Investissement Québec 
  • La Ruche
  • Medteq+
  • Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie


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