Questions to our Mtl inc. Laureates in the Creative and Cultural Industries

Questions to our Mtl inc. Laureates in the Creative and Cultural Industries

by Startup Montréal
7 July 2021

Stockholm Syndrome.AI

Stockholm Syndrome.AI specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) systems for the video game industry. Its mission is to allow studios without AI expertise to realize their video games visions easily and at low cost. Stockholm Syndrome’s product, Synthetic Souls, is an automated tool for generating behavioral decisions in gaming robots. It allows you to create synthetic players using mechanics and strategies symmetrical to human players.

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Questions to Stéphanie Bouchard

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

Creating extraordinary experiences for players by supporting studios here and elsewhere. Pushing our experiment further with our geeks team with a horrible sense of humor. And of course, make adorable villains!

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

Because we want to see if our crazy idea makes sense once developed.
Because I do not believe that working in video games should cost 90 hours per week due to obsolete tools.
Because for once I really wanted to work with a team of people who are like me.
Because the company is a complex system – Entrepreneurship is my new favorite game!

What assets do technologies bring to video games?

AI is millions of hours saved by not having to test combinations manually, it limits noise and reduces the chances of errors which costs a lot to small developers. But more importantly, AI ​​is automating the boring part of the work that takes 90% of our time, allowing us to push the boundaries and take the time to actually be creative!



Gallea is the largest online art gallery in Canada and a distribution platform for artworks serving artists, buyers and exhibition venues.

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Questions to Guillaume Parent

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

See artists who have never exhibited before now be able to exhibit their works online, offline and living from their art.

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

Create a positive scope impact on society through creativity and teamwork by bringing together the talents towards a common vision to make local art more accessible for all.

What assets do technologies bring?

1. The distribution of art is more accessible than ever with the rise and personalization of social networks;
2. Connectivity and Internet objects allow the online world and the physical world property to merge enhancing the user experience;
3. The creators are now masters of their own future and can finally live their art and connect with their audience, all according to their terms and at their own pace.


Group BeatConnect inc.

BeatConnect is a virtual music studio for musicians and producers. The digital platform gives these users the ability to create music content and collaborate with others remotely and in real time. The platform integrates with any other music software, audio workstation and musical instruments.

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Questions to Alexandre Turbide

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

Knowing we’re building something that’s never been done before, and that the market is ripe for this kind of technology. There are so many avenues we could take from here on out and it makes every day unique and exciting.

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

I’ve always loved the creative process, the struggle of defining a good strategy (for small and big businesses), and the fast pace when you have a good team. Being an entrepreneur just gives me more freedom to do what I learned to love in the big corporate world.

What assets do technologies bring to your industry?

Collaboration is the foundation of music creation and our goal is to shape a new generation of creators by lowering the technical barrier between collaborators. Our vision, and the tech behind it, is meant to shake up the industry in meaningful ways, whether by allowing non-professionnal producers and less wealthy musicians to create more music together, by connecting them in a shared studio, or by integrating instruments n the interface. What used to be a 1 person job can now be shared and divided between many.

Yapouni Inc.

Yapouni’s mission is to support families (in the hospital or at home) by transforming their experience, their treatment, and their communication in a more joyful way. Yapouni develops educational games in collaboration with doctors, psychologists, and researchers, in order to respond to various pediatric health challenges or work-family balance challenges.

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Questions to Marianne Burkic

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

Knowing that I will spend my day “growing” a creative project which will help children, families, doctors, etc.
What motivates me everyday is to work with very different profiles (artists, psychologists, pediatricians, researchers or managers) and find the right combination for their expertise to complement each other in an impact project.

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

My story, my volunteer experience in pediatric hospitals and the desire to get things moving forward in the sector.
And this freedom to carry out the projects that we imagine, on topics that make sense to us is something very stimulating!

How do you contribute to making the world a better place?

By accompanying and supporting families facing uncertainty, whether in a medical or professional context.
For example, Yapouni aims to increase the adherence of young ventilated patients at home and to facilitate the introduction of this treatment with families.
In our “Work and Family” project set up with Hydro Quebec, associate researchers showed a Yapouni impact on satisfaction with the work done, the sense of support and especially among employees with children on their guilt.