An overview of the main types of support available for startups

An overview of the main types of support available for startups

One of Greater Montréal’s biggest strengths is the quality of the support services offered to entrepreneurs. Whether to test your idea or grow your startup, there is support for all entrepreneurs! So that you don’t miss the deadlines for the calls for applications currently in progress, go to the Calls for applications page.

Incubators and accelerators

The many programs offered by Montréal incubators and accelerators can support you in defining your business model and establishing strategic partnerships, while building relationships with the community.

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Government programs

Several government support programs are accessible to startups, regardless of their level. They offer great funding opportunities and open the door to strategic partners.

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Corporate programs

Large companies are increasingly present in the startup ecosystem. The programs offered allow these large groups to exploit new technologies, work on research and development projects at a lower cost, or acquire the agility of a startup on a specific project. For startups, this is the opportunity to build business partnerships that can evolve into major investments or loyal customers.

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