Revelations 2021: 20 innovative young businesses to watch

Revelations 2021: 20 innovative young businesses to watch

by Startup Montréal
21 July 2021

Montréal inc. announced during the annual Rendez-vous its selection of 20 Revelations, these innovative young businesses with high growth potential to watch in the Montréal startup ecosystem.

Most of these businesses also emerged from Montréal business incubators and accelerators, evidence of the quality of the support offered and the spirit of cooperation among the stakeholders of the metropolitan entrepreneurial ecosystem.

They were selected from the 36 Mtl inc. Laureates who joined the organization’s family last January. These young businesses will receive an additional $10,000 grant from Mtll inc., in addition to personalized lifetime support and the benefit of increased outreach.

Some data about the Révelations

All these 20 young businesses have a technological component. Thirty-five percent operate in the life sciences sector and 20% have an artificial intelligence component. Sixteen percent of the people behind these startups are women entrepreneurs and 32% are aged 36 and over.

“These Revelations perfectly reflect the entrepreneurial face of Montréal. They represent sectors that have made our city famous for entrepreneurship and innovation, especially in MedTech and artificial intelligence. These businesses also represent the Montréal startup ecosystem, which has grown stronger over the past ten years. In Montréal, we have all the ingredients of success for innovative young businesses. We are now playing on the same field as other cities recognized for their startups,” says Liette Lamonde, Executive Director of Mtl inc.


“Startups drive innovation in each of our regions. Thanks to the new ideas they bring to the table, they help open up our economy and our society to other horizons. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Révélations grants,” said Lucie Lecours, Minister for the Economy.

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The Revelations have been / or are part of the following ecosystem organizations:

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