Startup Radar, a new tool to help navigate the Montréal ecosystem

Startup Radar, a new tool to help navigate the Montréal ecosystem

by Startup Montréal
17 June 2020

Bonjour Startup Montréal launches Startup Radar, a new tool to help navigate the Montréal ecosystem

MONTRÉAL, June 17, 2020. Connecting all the players in Montréal’s startup ecosystem under one roof is the mission that Bonjour Startup Montréal has given itself with its new Startup Radar platform (https://www.startupradar.com).A cross between a dynamic directory, a content aggregator and a social platform, Startup Radar makes it easy to find key information about all Montréal startups in one place. The platform aims to centralize information on companies, investors, support organizations and to promote Montréal’s entrepreneurial and technological activity both at local and international levels.

An initial prototype to make Montréal startups visible

Launched today in its prototype form (minimum viable product (MVP)), Startup Radar provides up-to-date information on startups operating in Montréal and identifies investors, support organizations and coaching resources available to them, based on their industry and stage of growth. The launch of this first version of Startup Radar aims to gather feedback from the startup community so that it can improve the platform and better serve the ecosystem’s needs.

An improved version in the context of COVID-19

Through a collaboration with Montréal inc., Startup Radar provides startups with an access to one of the 450 business coaches of the foundation for additional support in the management of their company. This feature is one of the manyinitiativesdeveloped by Bonjour Startup Montréal to allow startups to better understand, manage and exchange on the impacts of the economic crisis.

“The recovery and growth of the Quebec economy will depend on our companies’ ability to reinvent themselves, overhaul and market their products. Montreal is positioned as one of the best ecosystems in the world for emerging companies. With its new platform, Startup Radar, Bonjour Startup Montréal will provide enhanced services. Thanks to the skills and determination of these young entrepreneurs that are active in several industries, Quebec will be able to take full advantage of new business opportunities generated by the upcoming economic changes over the next few years.” Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation. Minister Responsible for the Lanaudière Region

“This new tool is coming at a right time as Montreal startups are expected to play a key role in the upcoming recovery. The Startup Radar platform perfectly fits with the vision of Ville de Montréal to create a supportive ecosystem that is ready to propel innovative players, and that promotes collaboration between established organizations and startups.” Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montréal

An ambitious plan to enhance the user experience

In subsequent versions, new features will be added during 2020 to enhance the user experience and data malleability.  Founders, investors, members of accelerators/incubators and coaches will also be able to take ownership of their profiles and edit them themselves. In addition, Startup Radar will provide advanced research features and messaging functions. Startup Radar will also provide access to advanced messaging and search functions. “With Startup Radar, it will be easy to view the types of funding received by startups and the programs they have followed and thus analyze the ecosystem through dynamic reports based on the data that has been compiled. This new data platform will help position Montréal as a leading innovation ecosystem.” Patrick Gagné, co-founder of Bonjour Startup Montréal

The platform was developed thanks to the collaboration of partners within the startup ecosystem such as theMouvement des accélérateurs d’innovation du Québec and thanks to the financial support of Ville de Montréal and the ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation.