Call for testimonials #IamAnEntrepreneur

Call for testimonials #IamAnEntrepreneur

by Startup Montréal
9 November 2020

This is a call to all the entrepreneurs out there! Come and celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week with us, from 16 to 21 November 2020. Share your testimonies on what made you enter the world of entrepreneurship. Was there an “Aha” moment? What made you want to become an entrepreneur? Was there a specific “Aha” moment that catapulted your career into entrepreneurship? We want to hear from you about your journey to success.

How to participate

You can choose between these 2 options:

video format

  • You have 40 seconds maximum to tell your anecdote and present yourself. You can start with “I realized I was an entrepreneur when ______.” Then end your video by saying, “My name is _______ founder of ____”
  • Prefer recording with your smartphone in a vertical format

written format

  • you can send a text (60 words maximum) along with your profile picture (preferably a funny one, not too institutional!)

Prizes to win

We will draw 3 participants and offer them a ticket to participate to Web Summit 2020, the key tech event in Europe, happening in a 100% virtual format on 2-4 December (valeur de 275$ par billet).


Send your texts or videos to info@bonjourstartupmtl.ca before November 21, 2020!