The Soirée Mtl inc. 2019; the entrepreneurial ecosystem behind the scene of our startups

The Soirée Mtl inc. 2019; the entrepreneurial ecosystem behind the scene of our startups

by Startup Montréal
10 December 2019

On December 5th, took place the Soirée Mtl Inc., presented by Desjardins in partnership with Hydro-Québec under the honorary presidency of Mr. Pierre Somers of the Walter Group.

For this edition, we brought the 400 participants behind the scenes of our startups. A unique atmosphere was created: radio set décor, pitches from our Prix Mtl inc. finalists, connexions opportunity with 75 Mtl inc. laureates and the Montréal business community, etc.

The theme of the evening, behind the scenes, tainted the whole evening! Its was hosted by Marie-Philip Simard founder of Chic Marie and Étienne Crevier founder of Biogenic, two successful laureates of Mtl inc. and co-creators of the podcast Les Dérangeants. It is with humor that they interviewed several great actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Among these great actors, the Mayor Valérie Plante presented the Mayor’s Award given to Mr. Lucien Bouchard for all his years of involvement with the Mtl inc. community.

The Soirée Mtl inc. would not be complete without the grand finale of the Prix Mtl inc. which brought together 3 young successful startups:

  • Kiid offers on demand babysitter for businesses.
  • Silofit is the first network of private fitness spaces transforming small offices into sports room.
  • Puzzle Medical Devices created the world’s safest and most advanced minimally invasive heart pump.

After 3 high-level pitches, the public voted and crowned Jade Doucet-Martineau, co-founder of Puzzle Medical Devices, winner of the Prix Mtl inc. 2019.

The participants also had a blast with the elevator pitchs of four other semi-finalists: Aifred Health, Arthur Intelligence, CANN Forecast, and Planitou.

The Soirée Mtl inc. has become an important and essential event in Montreal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. All the benefits of the evening are given as grants that support young Montreal companies, it is also an opportunity to create great connections between the business community and the most promising young entrepreneurs.

Thank you to all the participants of this exceptional evening and to our media partner DanielHenkel.TV who contribute to the influence of Montreal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

About Montréal inc.

Mtl inc. propels the success of young, innovative and ambitious businesses through grants, access to a prestigious business network, and the expertise of seasoned volunteer coaches.

The Mtl inc. approach is human-centred, flexible and focused entirely on entrepreneurs’ needs. Our one‑of‑a‑kind model of corporate philanthropy has a strong economic impact and plays a vital role in building a thriving city.


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