Unveiling of the 20 Revelations 2023

Unveiling of the 20 Revelations 2023

by Startup Montréal
27 April 2023

MONTRÉAL, April 27, 2023—Rendez-vous Startup Montréal, held last night at the Wilder Building, unveiled the 20 Revelations — 2023, 20 particularly promising startups working in various sectors of activity! Recipients have distinguished themselves through the innovative nature of their technology and/or business model, as well as their growth potential.


 “As president of the jury, I can say that the competition was fierce this year! Eligible projects were rigorously analyzed by an evaluation committee composed of entrepreneurs from various sectors working in the ecosystem. This is a great sign of recognition from the startup community. This distinction will give them access to exclusive outreach and connection opportunities,” said Frederic Bastien, co-founder and managing partner of Admiral Ventures. 


The event brought together many players from the startup ecosystem, including volunteer coaches from the Startup Montréal network who support entrepreneurs, donors, previous winners, entrepreneurs who are now successful, and partners from multiple backgrounds associated with both cutting-edge research and its marketing.


The 20 Revelations had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the audience by taking part in the challenging 60-second pitch! They went home with the $20,000 Bourse+ grant, which was made possible by Startup Montréal’s donors. They will also have access to all the support offered by the organization’s vast network, which includes 350 volunteer coaches and 1,100 founders. In addition, they will be able to benefit from the visibility and connections provided by their presence at several major events, from the Grand-messe Startup Montréal to international events such as Collision in Toronto and the Web Summit in Lisbon.


Discover the 2023 Revelations : 

Azimut Médical

Azimut Medical Inc. is a Montreal-based company specializing in the development of intelligent inflatable protective garments specifically adapted to the prevention of hip fractures in seniors. Azimut Medical’s mission is to preserve the dignity and promote the independence of seniors by eliminating the morbidity associated with such injuries.



Bello has built the world’s first home water dispenser capable of purifying and flavoring water with reusable glass capsules to recreate an infinity of ready-to-drink beverages.



Biolift develops lumbar support exoskeletons to reduce the impact of physical labor on workers, therefore helping employers provide a safer and more attractive working environment.



Displaid specializes in the field of medical imaging. Our goal is to democratize healthcare by providing medical imaging technology at home.


Ditch Labs

Ditch is a digital health company pioneering substance addiction treatment by combining AI-driven behavioral therapy with a revolutionary delivery device.


GC Lipid Tech

GC Lipid Tech is a genetic engineering platform that enhances microalgae to become a powerful and multifunctional source of nutrients required in feed for the aquaculture industry.


Genuine Taste

Genuine Taste creates cultivated fat to improve the taste, texture and nutrition of alternative meat. They are driving the shift to more sustainable sources of protein.



InPilot is a connected worker solution that digitizes complex frontline processes for improved efficiency and reduced errors in manufacturing and industrial settings.


Iris + Arlo

Iris + Arlo is a socially and environmentally impactful brand offering healthy and sustainable products for menstruators.


Juno Technologies

Juno is a medtech and femtech startup that develops a compact, discreet and wearable device that alleviates menstrual pain quickly – for a lasting relief.


Sapien Health

Sapien Health is improving health via the first data-driven mindfulness solution that people stick to by using biosensors and AI.



LithologIQ deploys digital tools to increase mineralogical knowledge quickly, accurately and economically. Geologists will be able to make the best decisions for a sustainable exploitation of natural resources.



MISO Chip develops predictive assays of the efficacy of anticancer treatments to help clinicians and their patients select the best treatment on a personalized basis.


Momentum Health

Momentum Health is a digital health application leveraging 3D imagery and AI to revolutionize the management of deformations, starting with scoliosis.



Mythologi developed ELYSIUM, a no-code cloud platform that empowers anyone to design and distribute augmented reality experiences. Its innovative in situ creation paradigm empowers innovation with interactive, geo-located and persistent AR.



Pricepoint is an AI-powered dynamic pricing engine built and designed for independent hoteliers that automatically optimizes room prices in true real-time after every booking change.


Solutions Ecotime

Ecotime designs systems that make use of unused water and energy sources to generate savings while preserving human comfort.



Sonaro Inc. is an innovative AI solution provider that is disrupting the ‘status quo’ for atherosclerotic plaque diagnosis and stroke prediction by eliminating errors in 2D ultrasound examination and subjective medical imaging interpretation.


Technologies Aim Colours

AIM Colours revolutionizes self-expression by combining cosmetics with technology. A single eCosmetic application can wirelessly change colour from any mobile device, creating a world where anyone can express themselves instantaneously.



Tokidos is a screen-free gaming console, made up of a series of five intelligent and connected cubes that allow a manipulative and audio-visual game experience for children aged 3 to 8.


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