“Alexa, What are my Test Results?” Is this becoming a reality?

“Alexa, What are my Test Results?” Is this becoming a reality?


Within UK healthcare, the personalised patient journey is a hot topic. The public is well used to being a digital consumer and this does not stop when they become a patient.

Outside of healthcare, approaches such as intelligent automation, Virtual Assistants and big data analytics generate augmented data delivering personalised consumer experiences. The NHS is increasingly working to accelerate a related change by bringing in talent from outside of healthcare and building internal teams with a specific focus on using technology to improve the patient experience.

This compact 2.5 hour session draws upon experience of how commercial organisations build in convenience creating a more personal experience and discusses what the impact might be on NHS digital investments.

Following the event, attendees are welcome to make applications to the £10 million EBO Health Skunkworks fund to co-fund the NHS conversational AI projects which most strongly influence patient satisfaction – from pre-admission scheduling and testing through to follow-up care.


Le 14 juin 2023 Array

6h - 8h