Always Among Us: Combating Imposter Syndrome  in the Game Industry

Always Among Us: Combating Imposter Syndrome in the Game Industry

Learn about the role imposter syndrome plays in the game industry and what you can do about it.

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The imposter syndrome is something many of us may be familiar with. It may not be something that you have experienced yourself, however you can be sure that those around you have!

So what exactly is imposter syndrome? Who does it affect? What role does it play in the games industry? What can we do to help ourselves and those around us?

Learn about this and more in the workshop with Dr. Kristen Toohill. Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on and share their own experiences of imposter syndrome. Together we will come up with solutions to help on a personal level, in teams, and at the level of the organization.

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Dans cet atelier, nous découvrirons le syndrome de l’imposteur et le rôle qu’il joue dans l’industrie du jeu vidéo.

Apprenez-en davantage à ce sujet lors de l’atelier avec le Dr Kristen Toohill. Les participant·es auront l’occasion de réfléchir à leurs propres expériences du syndrome de l’imposteur et de les partager. Ensemble, nous trouverons des solutions pour les aider au niveau personnel, au sein de leur équipe et au niveau de leur entreprise.

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The Speaker

Dr Kristen Toohill:

Dr. Kristen Toohill believes that games are powerful tools for organizational development. She writes books that use the interactivity and immersion of games to solve issues that face organizations today, such as reducing unconscious bias and learning 21st-century career skills. She also uses games as training and development tools in organizations and classrooms, and consults with organizations that understand the importance of fun and joy in the workplace.

Kristen worked as a Quality Assurance Tester and SCRUM Master on a MMORPG, designed a QA system at Green Tree Games, assisted in game design at Revelian, and worked as an associate producer for the video-game version of an organizational development card game at Happy Brain Science.

Kristen received her Doctorate in Leadership Psychology and Organizational Development at William James College and her Master’s degree in Business Innovation from Northeastern University.

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