Best Data Science Student Course Projects: Finalist Competition (2022)

Best Data Science Student Course Projects: Finalist Competition (2022)

Explore cross-disciplinary data science research projects from 10 Columbia student team finalists as they compete for awards.

Hosted by the DSI Education Working Group

The student teams that will present during the competition were selected as finalists by the DSI Education Working Group committee from among many impressive nominations. Following the presentations, a panel of researchers from across Columbia’s campuses will serve as judges. Finalists will compete across several judging criteria, such as creative use of data science; potential societal impact; and alignment with DSI’s “Data for Good” mission.

Join to see a snapshot of how Columbia students are applying data science across many disciplines. Successful student teamwork, problem solving, and innovation in data science methods will be highlighted.

This event will be chaired and moderated by Jeff Goldsmith, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Mailman School of Public Heath; and Co-Chair of the DSI Education Working Group. Committee member Isabelle A. Zaugg will lead a group discussion during the event.

DSI Postdoctoral Researchers will serve as the event judges: Abraham Liddell, Anne Nigra, and Aviv Landau.

Finalist Teams – Team Descriptions Here

Affordable Housing Price Analysis

  • Team Members: Felix Yeung, Yingfei Zhu, Yufan Cao
  • Instructor: Joyce Robbins

COVID and CitiBike Usage

  • Team Members: Jessica Rosenberg, Rose Killian, Matthew Russell, Zoe Verzani, Christina Zettler
  • Instructor: Jeff Goldsmith

Digital Tool To Enable Decision-making Using Census Data

  • Team Members: Bo Crauwels, Hanzhang Hu, Shreyans Kothari, Dan Li, Pengyun Li, Ru Lu
  • Instructor: Aracelis Torres

Don’t Go Far Off: An Empirical Study on Neural Poetry Translation

  • Team Members: Tuhin Hakrabarty, Arkadiy Saakyan
  • Instructor: Smaranda Muresan

Identifying Patterns of Two Types of Principal Turnover in the USA and Singapore Using Decision Trees

  • Team Members: Jasmine Shi
  • Instructor: Alex Bowers

Measuring the Integration and Network Effect of the SDGs

  • Team Members: Peishan Li, Qinyue Hao, Jasmine Hwang, Dan Li, Rina Shin, Ye Xu, Hanyu Zhang, Lizabeth Singh
  • Instructor: Charles Riemann

Mental Health in Athletes

  • Team Members: Katharina Fijan, Erin Donnelly
  • Instructor: Joyce Robbins

Script Key: An Image-Based Keyboard for Non-Encoded Alphabetic Scripts

  • Team Members: Eve Suane Loomis Washington, Gabriela Arredondo, Megan Fleurine St. Hilaire, David Rosado
  • Instructor: Isabelle Zaugg

Understanding How Readers Comprehend Visualizations With Captions of Different Semantic Level Content

  • Team Members: Hazel Zhu, Shelly Cheng
  • Instructor: Eugene Wu


13h - 15h