EMC : Personal finance in self employment

EMC : Personal finance in self employment

Join us to learn how to manage your money when you’re self-employed!

Cet atelier est également proposé en français. CEE : Finances personnelles en travail indépendant*

Are you looking to get your idea started, but you don’t know how to manage your finances to make it possible? Do you want to be self-employed in the future, but don’t know how to finance your career?

This workshop will look at how to manage your income and expenses when starting a business, how to keep records and know what you have available, and the basics of loans and credit. Whether you’re looking to fund your idea yourself or looking for tips and tricks to help you in the future, this workshop will cover all the bases!



Basic rules

First and foremost, this is a hands-on workshop and we are here to learn together, make mistakes, ask questions and collaborate so you can learn intuitively.

While all of our workshops will be offered online this summer, we want to more closely simulate an in-person learning experience. Therefore, it would be useful for you to start your webcam during the workshop. Of course, if you don’t have access, we encourage your presence all the same. We simply ask for your patience and your desire to learn.

Le 21 juin 2023 Array

13h - 14h30