From Recipe to Retail – Foodpreneur Series

From Recipe to Retail – Foodpreneur Series

Start a food business with confidence. Learn how to turn a recipe into a product and set up the production process.

Imagine starting a food business with confidence, knowing you have thought through all the steps necessary to launch into the marketplace. In this workshop, you will learn how to turn a Recipe into a Product and how the process is different for production.

What you will learn:

Steps involved;

Science involved;

Costs involved;

How to get started making a prototype;


About the Presenter:

Food & Beverage is an exciting sector and over the last 20+ years, Janice has participated in it on several levels. She has been a Trainer, Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Educator. In her former role as Chief Operations Officer at Food Starter, she supported and mentored both early and mid-stage Food entrepreneurs to help them realize their vision and growth. Her passion and mission are focused on providing Foodpreneur support and access to all the tools needed to create a successful food business

As Founder of the Foodpreneur Lab, she helps Food entrepreneurs launch and grows their food ideas and businesses. Foodpreneur Lab provides expert advice on how to start your Food business, grow it, and every aspect in-between. As an Entrepreneur in the Hospitality & Food industry, Janice is an expert in Food Entrepreneur Management and the challenges related to running a small business.


12h30 - 14h