Global Goals Jam Canada  Winter 2022 (March 18-20 Weekend)

Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2022 (March 18-20 Weekend)

Calling developers, designers, engineers, strategists, all enthusiasts to design/hack impactful solutions for grand challenges, March 18-20

Do you have a passion for solving social challenges to improve lives? Do you want to be part of a select group of committed people who will spend a weekend designing and hacking innovative solutions to challenges that can help Canada contribute to achieving the Global Goals? Join us for the #GlobalGoalsJamCanada Winter2022 on March 18-20, 2022. Let’s jam for a better planet and win awards worth $4500*!

The Global Goals Jam Canada Winter2022 program is organized by the SDG Innovation Lab, Centre of Entrepreneurship, Centennial College with OSPE and Canadian Partners with support from UNDP and Digital Society School Amsterdam. It is a weekend program to contribute to the Global Goals by collaborating and building solutions to pressing social or business challenges and invoking the participation and engagement of students, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, creative thinkers, and the public community. The program uses a design process and lean methodology to guide participants ensuring that any potential solutions actually solve the problem at hand.

This 2 ½-day program was developed to engage participating designers, engineers, developers, strategists, and all community members to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by creating solutions with long-term impact.

Participants will work on their problems and solutions with mentor support addressing the themes using design thinking and lean methodology. Participants work towards solutions resulting in presentation and pitching to a panel of eminent judges for a chance to win awards*. During the weekend while teams are working, they are extensively mentored by subject matter, design thinking, business model, and pitching experts.

You are invited to jam for a better Canada and a better world! Get to know design thinking and lean methodology in practice. Virtually meet like-minded people to develop cool solutions for global problems.

The Global Goals Jam Canada Winter 2022 is based on selected Global Themes and topics.

1. Leave No One Behind – Equality and Non-Discrimination

Solutions to address rising inequalities and discrimination (EDI):

  • Increasing financial inclusion
  • Reducing gender disparity
  • Making the workplace more inclusive

2. Clean Water and Sanitation

Solutions for sustainable management of water resources:

  • Cleaning up the Grand River and/or Great Lakes
  • Water conservation and pollution of groundwater resources
  • Agricultural water conservation and increasing water efficiency

3. Climate Change

Solutions for climate change issues:

  • Manage waste, reduce, reuse, recycle and recover
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint/ Greenhouse gas emission
  • Mitigate and Adapt to Flooding and Forest Fires.

As part of registration, you are asked to choose one of the Topics/Themes. For more information on the Themes, click on the respective links above.

To collaborate, we need to engage in a way that goes beyond talking, towards creating a space for people from all backgrounds to bring in their local knowledge, ensuring a bottom-up, grassroots approach.

More than just a weekend, it is the beginning of a community to create a real impact.

It takes many community leaders to put together an event like this. We also invite facilitators or volunteer experts to join us by sharing their experience and expertise. If you are interested, kindly RSVP HERE.

For more information on the event, themes and other details visit: https://globalgoalsjam.org/event/global-goals-jam-canada-winter-2022/

*Note: Awards payable only in Canada


13h - 17h15