NASA’s Psyche Mission

NASA’s Psyche Mission

Join NASA to participate online in the launch of NASA’s Psyche Mission

Registration will provide communications about launch schedule changes, information about highlighted mission activities, and access to curated mission resources.

Be our virtual guest for the launch of the Psyche spacecraft which will travel about 2.2 billion miles (3.6 billion kilometers) before entering orbit around its target, an asteroid of the same name. The Psyche asteroid is a unique destination, a metal-rich asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. It may be part of the core of a building block of an early planet.

All resources, participation, and registration are FREE. Register to let NASA know that you’re virtually participating!

While there is no physical ticket for online participation nor access to in-person launch activities, register to participate from your spot in the universe!

The use of the NASA logo or identifiers without permission of the Office of Communications is prohibited by federal statute and regulations, the violation of which may include fines, imprisonment, or both.

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