NHS Pathology Conference 2022

NHS Pathology Conference 2022


NHS Pathology Conference 2022

Back in 2017 NHS England announced that all acute hospital trusts in England would need to change how they work and collaborate to drive out unwarranted variation in pathology services.

Since then, we have seen the development of 29 pathology networks to help drive out unwarranted variation and spearhead the transformation of pathology services across the country. More recently, NHS England and Improvement has widened to use these networks as a key enabler of ambitions outlined in the Long-Term Plan.

To date, over 97% of all trusts are making progress towards networking their pathology services and the programme is on track to deliver the 29 pathology networks across England by the target date of 2021.

The Convenzis Virtual Pathology Transformation Conference aims to provide a timely platform for the NHS pathology community to meet up, share practical insights and listen to sector-leading professionals, with the ultimate aim of empowering pathology providers to keep a foot on the pedal of innovation and integration.

Working closely with national policymakers we have identified 5 key areas that our interactive series of virtual events will cover:

• Pathology networks: review and best practice sharing

• Networking and collaboration

• Modernisation – Digitalisation

• Standardising of coding

• Governance

Analysis shows that the 105 hospitals in England which provide pathology services typically do 1.12 billion tests per year at a cost of £2.2 billion. The new pathology networks are expected to save the NHS at least £200 million pounds by 2020-2021.

Join us as we take a closer look at the current state of play across the UK pathology community and open the debate on the key issues facing the sector to date.

As with all Convenzis events, we are very proud to support the NHS and provide this exclusive virtual conference with no cost to the sector.

If you are a pathology expert or leader then you can register for free today.

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5h50 - 10h