Understanding Net Zero and the Circular Economy (Sustainability Series #3)

Understanding Net Zero and the Circular Economy (Sustainability Series #3)

Learn how the economy and environmental sustainability can co-exist and net zero and circular economy efforts being realized!

Sustainability Series – Workshop #3

Can the economy and the environment sustainably co-exist? That is the existential question that decision makers and policy makers around the world are wrestling with considering the significant environmental challenges that the world is currently facing. Although there is no definitive answer yet, there is a growing consensus that it is possible to de-couple economic activity from environmental degradation and the path towards Net Zero and realization of the Circular Economy are two clear examples of how this may be achieved. This workshop will explain these concepts and demonstrate practical examples of how they are being realized. Tool and methods such as carbon accounting, economic valuation of ecosystem services, and green economic re-structuring will be presented to participants so they can ‘see’ how these efforts are tangibly being realized and the potential for their full deployment.

David Oswald is the founder and president of DE Design + Environment Inc., a company that improves the environmental performance and enhances the cultural communication of professional organizations.

About DE Design + Environment Inc:

We solve problems using design and environmental science.

DE is a design and environmental consultancy and technology company comprised of professional staff with expertise in various aspects of environmental research, policy, analysis, technology development and business strategy. DE’s creative team is comprised of graphic, industrial, and spatial designers whose talents are applied to environmental communications projects such as museums, science centres, world expos, web applications, and print graphics. The DE portfolio of international environmental research projects, corporate clients, and creative projects represents a breadth of world-class quality work. The synergy between design and environmental science gives DE a unique and highly relevant value proposition.

With over 15 years of experience working on environmental and climatic change projects, the DE team brings an innovative perspective, which is grounded in concrete experience. We have a team of over 20 associates who are experts in their field and masters of their creative craft. For any given project, a custom team is designed to achieve world-class results.


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Le 13 mars 2024 Array

12h30 - 14h