22 new young businesses join Montréal inc. laureates

22 new young businesses join Montréal inc. laureates

by Startup Montréal
8 May 2019

Montréal inc. is proud to welcome 22 innovative new laureates. Some of them have become Laureates and have obtained a grant between $5,000 and $30,000, in addition to lifetime access to Montréal inc.’s à la carte services. Others benefit from 12 months of access to à la carte services in order to develop their potential.


Here is the list of the 22 Laureates:



Agrilog is a business that specializes in the development and integration of automated information systems for the agricultural market with the goal of optimizing the autonomous ventilation periods for grain silos. Agrilog markets a technological product (Silog) and offers consulting services and training for farmers. The system (hardware and software) automates the grain silo ventilation cycles to secure the quality of the stored grains. The company seeks to eliminate the storage risks related to handling errors, poor practices and farmers’ lack of expertise. Poor storage of grain causes major revenue losses.


Area Machines

Area Machine designs, manufactures and operates a new type of “tabletop” vending machine (25x15x12.5 inches), which can play the role of an office cafeteria. The machine has an HD touchscreen to view the products. It offers a contactless payment method (Paypass) and a 3G connection that allows real-time automated management (IOT). The food products offered by Area in its machines are diversified and healthy (nuts, trail mix, veggie snacks) with recyclable packaging. The machine also allows remote inventory management.


Arthur Intelligence

Arthur Intelligence (Arthur) is a dental clinical management software in SaaS mode, intended for managers. It offers a strategic vision of operations, marketing and finance. A detailed dashboard indicates each department’s situation. This is a cloud solution (SaaS), intuitive and simple to use, giving quick access to strategic and operational information. Arthur meets an important need for dentists, because it facilitates management and decision-making.



CHK PLZ is a mobile payment app that integrates into the point-of-sale system of a restaurant or a bar and allows customers to pay their bills from their phone. The restaurateur benefits from a simplified billing process and the customer reduces the waiting time to pay the bill. From the data collected, the restaurateur is able to generate analyses of the customers’ consumption for better targeting of promotional strategies.


Club Kombucha

Club Kombucha has put the first canned Kombucha on the market. The beverage is sold in 355 ml cans and is also offered in draft in 30-litre barrels for restaurants, cafés, bars and businesses. The products are currently distributed in 175 points of sale.


Contenants Cano

The CANO network offers its members collective use of a fleet of reusable and connected containers to transport food and beverages without generating waste. The members borrow a container at a restaurant or a cafeteria, identifying themselves at the cash, and return the containers to connected collection bins on-site or nearby after use. These partners’ employees take back the containers, clean them and reuse them. The system thus hopes to replace disposable packaging by creating an eco-responsible community.


Lait d’Am

Lait d’Am produces a pure organic almond beverage, thanks to the simplicity of its ingredients and its production processes. The company targets a clientele of baristas and coffee professionals. Lait d’Am meets the needs of consumers concerned about the environment who want to know the origin of the products they consume.


Les aliments Vegevora

Vegevora is manufacturing and marketing a new product: a sweet hummus made of black beans and cocoa. Sweet hummus is a new food trend in the United States and England. The company is the first to market it in Canada. The product has been marketed since September 2018 and is already available at 21 points of sale, including 13 IGA grocery stores and soon the 8 Avril supermarkets.


Les Solutions Keenoa inc.

Keenoa is a tool designed to give nutritionists a simple way to track their clients’ food intake. A system programmed with artificial intelligence allows clients to track their food habits on their dietitian’s web app.


Les Systèmes Blubrim inc.

Blubrim Inc. designs, assembles and markets automated systems for water quality tests in aquariums and aquaculture. The company has perfected a device that automatically tests several parameters in water, in order to ensure the survival of fish and/or coral: pH, alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates and salinity. Blubrim also offers solutions for remote control of the aquarium’s status.


Mate Libre inc.

Mate Libre develops and markets a sparkling infusion beverage made of Yerba Mate, recognized for its energizing and stimulating properties. Yerba Mate is a South American plant considered to be “midway between tea and coffee”. The product is now available at 44 points of sale (fine grocery stores, markets, cafés).


Microbrasserie 4 Origines

Microbrasserie 4 Origines, located in the Saint-Charles neighbourhood, is a commercial microbrewery that produces over 12 varieties of beer (after 8 months of operation). Part (5%) is consumed onsite in tastings and the rest is distributed in Québec and Ontario. The company relies on the uniqueness of the raw materials used (e.g. products derived from cocoa and distilleries).


Mme L’Ovary

Mme L’Ovary is dedicated to the creation, manufacturing and distribution of period underwear, a new concept that is revolutionizing the disposable hygienic protection market. Mme L’Ovary period underwear replace tampons, sanitary napkins and pantililners and also complement a menstrual cup. They stand out from the competition for their functionality, which does not exist elsewhere on the market, allowing the addition of removable napkins. 2 kits are offered: day and night Both include underwear (with a built-in pantiliner) designed to absorb the menstrual flow, 3 removable napkins and a small carrying bag.


Oxia Initiative

Oxia Initiative is a company that developed the Fintech solution, the Carboscope, a collaborative digital platform. Through process automation, this platform allows better quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by businesses. The company offers its platform directly to SMEs and investment funds through financial institutions.



Prélib offers a self-sampling for detection of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBI), such as bacterial infections related to chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, as well as viral infections linked to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B and C, human papilloma virus (HPV) and genital herpes. The offer includes a registration and appointment platform and self-sampling at a screening centre.


Puzzle Medical Devices

One in five Canadians will develop heart failure in their lifetime. Patients with end-stage heart failure refractive to medical therapy currently have no adequate treatment option and most of them die within 6 months. Puzzle Medical Devices is about to change that by developing the world’s first long-term minimally invasive heart pump. Our device is based on solid intellectual property and rapidly growing research collaborations. We are developing a novel modular in vivo assembly method with striking potential in the treatment of chronic diseases beyond the cardiovascular field. We plan to make the device available to more than 250 000 patients in the US and Canada within 3 years and this is why we are full-time on the project to make it happen. We are currently raising 300 000$ as a pre-seed investment.



Regisco designs and markets condominium building management software. The software allows creation of a complete register that integrates a maintenance log developed by experts in building mechanics. The team also offers property managers guidance to integrate all the required information into the platform: tools, documentation, histories and user guides. The platform then is stored and transmitted through the successive generations of owners.


Robot In A Can

Robot In A Can is a company specializing in the development of an educational curriculum to introduce elementary and secondary school students to mathematics, computer science, art and technology. The company develops classroom and online training and supplies kits and software so that children to design, program and prototype toys and robots. The kit is offered in the form of cans containing the essential components for construction of a robot: a microcontroller, sensors, a small motor, connection cables, a potentiometer and LED lights. The microcontroller is equipped with wi-fi which, once it is switched on, allows the child to access the software interface to start programming the robot.


Shwap Club

“Shwap Club is a women’s and children’s clothing exchange boutique with a simple concept: bringing in a piece of clothing entitles you to another piece of clothing. Shwap Club offers a “boutique” experience in a friendly ambience, with fitting rooms, a selected inventory and a regular schedule: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a unique business concept: it is the first permanent exchange boutique of this kind in Canada.

The business is part of a movement for responsible consumption and recycling of clothing. The objective is to open a chain of boutiques across Canada via the franchise and online sales model. Reduce overconsumption and waste by creating a project that follows the trend of the sharing



Sparkgrid has developed a management platform for coworking spaces. This platform meets needs such as space reservations, product consumption, user chat and other functionalities. The platform is integrated with the billing systems. In addition, Sparkgrid is developing a mobile app that gives users access to information about the spaces.


Tiing Pot Commun

Tiing is a platform that offers a “participatory payment” solution, intended to simpify group collection of money. It is an online money pot, a digital version of an envelope, a hat or an urn… During a party, a wedding or other occasions, the guests can deposit money in the pot to participate in a common gift or the organizing expenses.


Triple Scale Games

Triple Scale Games is an independent video game studio that produces fun games, featuring dexterity, strategy and cooperation for families and players at all levels. The games developed call on animals present in Québec (squirrels, dogs, cats, raccoons, beavers) in familiar environments (parks, backyards, river banks). The first game is Save the Nuts, a multiplayer game that will be released in April on PC and later on consoles. It calls for cooperation and competition. Two teams of animals, dogs and squirrels, compete in a soccer-style game to bring a trophy (a nut!) back to their camp and keep it.



Here is the list of the 14 Mtl inc. Recruits. – They obtain our services for a maximum of 12 months in Zone Desjardins.


Alibi Lingerie

Ascension X


Blue City Technology


C3pH Solutions innovantes inc





Shaddari Inc.

Shiphaul Logistics


Stockholm Syndrome.AI