Montréal’s strengths

Montréal’s strengths

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Montréal by the numbers

Montréal is bursting with startups at different growth stages and in different economic sectors.
Universities and campuses
Montréal was named the Best Student City in North America and 9th in the world. As the university capital of Canada, it has over 200,000 university students.
USD 1.2 G
This is the amount invested in venture capital in local startups in 2020. Montréal is the 2nd leading city with the most VC funds in Canada.

Discover a diverse cultural and creative metropolis

With over 4 million people living in the greater metropolitan area, Montréal is a beehive of creative talent. As the biggest French-speaking city in North America, French, English and a multitude of other languages are heard, the result of major immigration to the metropolis.


A vibrant and cultural city 

We like to call our city the cultural capital of Canada and it has been an “UNESCO City of Design” since 2006. Montréal is also a city with several vibrant boroughs, easily accessible by public transit or by multiple bicycle paths. 

Montréal’s strengths

Startups are at the core of Montréal’s entrepreneurial sector. They provide powerful leverage for the economic development of our metropolis.

- Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montréal

What makes Montréal exceptional for entrepreneurs

Montréal currently accommodates a multitude of startup founders. For nearly 15 years, the City has deployed the capital, intelligence and support that are the bases of a strong ecosystem. This incredible, close-knit entrepreneurial community can inspire you and support startups throughout their progress.

In Montréal, you also find the necessary funding to start or grow a startup. The metropolis is full of venture capital firms and includes 6 of the 10 most active venture capital firms in Canada. The Gouvernement du Québec and the Government of Canada also actively support innovation and entrepreneurship, with several tax measures favourable to startups.

A rich and effective ecosystem

Montréal is known for stimulating creation and growth of local startups in a multitude of economic sectors: deeptech, life sciences, robotics, video games, cleantech, mobility, telecommunications, etc.

The metropolis has some of the most effective startup accelerators in Canada, including two ranking among the 20 top performing university accelerators in the world (Centech and Dobson Center), according to UBI Global.

Discover the Montréal startup ecosystem

A global artificial intelligence hub

Montréal has become an artificial intelligence hub recognized worldwide and is home to the most prestigious AI institutions in the world, such as Scale AI, Mila and IVADO. The metropolis hosts seven accelerators, nine research centres and 16 private laboratories. Thanks to these renowned players, many startups in sectors such as life sciences, agri-food, robotics and video games have integrated artificial intelligence into their business models.

Discover our map of the Montréal artificial intelligence ecosystem

Montréal’s strengths

Montréal benefits from world-class research intellectual capital. Public and private research is exceptional in so many areas, and its collaborative approach is distinctive. Thinking, searching, exploring, discovering and doing things together is what we need to overcome current and future challenges.

- Sylvain Carle, Founder, Objectif 13
Montréal’s strengths