+70 Montreal startups to shine again at Collision 2023

+70 Montreal startups to shine again at Collision 2023

by Startup Montréal
7 June 2023

We’re going back to Collision, North America’s largest technology event, taking place in Toronto from June 26 to 29, 2023. The trip is part of the Quebec delegation organized by Investissement Québec International, for the second year in a row, in partnership with Ville de Montréal, and in collaboration with the Bureau du Québec à Toronto, Startup Montreal, Le Camp, Desjardins Entreprises, DEL, Laval Économique, Magog Technopole, Montréal international, and LOJIQ. 

A delegation showcasing Québec inc.

In addition to these startups, showcasing the most innovative solutions that Québec has to offer, we are pleased to count on the presence of several organizations supporting the Montreal startup ecosystem: La Base entrepreneuriale HEC, Montréal Newtech, MT Lab, AquaAction, Zú, Centech, District 3, V1 Studio, Groupe 3737, NextAI, Futurpreneur, Propolys, IVADO, Espace CDPQ, Cybereco and the JCCM. 

We’re proud to offer exhibition space to some 50 of these startups, thanks to the support of Ville de Montréal. Selected from Collision’s alpha or beta track, they will benefit from mentoring and personalized support to make the most of their participation in the event. 

Nearly half of the companies offer solutions based either on artificial intelligence and machine learning (23%) or on medical and pharmaceutical technologies (16%) – two sectors of activity that make Montreal shine internationally and attract talent, investors and customers. Video games, virtual reality (7%) and financial technologies (7%) are also well represented. 

Discover the full list of startups representing our city

  • AAVAA: Bionic ear that acts as a hearing impairment correction device 
  • AbenHub: User-friendly interface to integrate renewable energy sources for sustainable infrastructure
  • Acrylic Robotics: Uses  robots to paint.
  • Alma AI: Artificial intelligence dating app  
  • Altiro Énergy: Ground-breaking long duration energy storage
  • ASKAFOX INC.: AI-powered supply chain resiliency solution
  • Authentic.Art Inc.: Improve the management of art insurance policies
  • Awake AI: Real-time intelligent monitoring system for seniors
  • Bacon Financial Technologies Inc.: Financial technology and tools to manage personal finances.
  • Biofect Innovations: Brazzein, a sweetener 2000x sweeter than sugar, with a pleasant taste and health benefits.
  • CanApply: AI Powered international students platform
  • Chainvine: Web3 and Blockchain marketing startup
  • Crewdle: Network protocol for a sustainable future
  • Daesys Inc.: Artificial Intelligence operations and management solution
  • Depix: Image creation at the speed of artificial intelligence
  • Displaid: Portable medical imaging solutions
  • Dynamo: Solving traffic in cities using artificial intelligence
  • EdLive: Take your content to the next level
  • EmoScienS: Mindfulness thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Epic Staff: streamlining hospitality staffing by connecting professionals directly with establishments
  • Expedibox: Intelligent parcel lockers to solve issues like theft, accumulation, and management of package distribution.
  • Fan Stories: Allows content creators to monetize their audiences with artificial intelligence
  • FLUIDEFI: Building blocks for DeFi (Decentralized Finance)
  • Folium Labs Inc.: Development of drug and nutrient delivery technology with enhanced bioavailability.
  • Genuine Taste: cultivating fat to enhance texture, taste, and nutrition of alternative meat products
  • GigLinked: Connecting people for and through live music
  • Gomove Technologies: Help companies consolidate and optimize their deliveries
  • Haply Robotics: Touch for the virtual world
  • Happly Ai:: Intuitive platform matching businesses with economic opportunities
  • helloDarwin: Matchmaking platform for businesses
  • Hi-Power Solutions Inc.: Modules manufacturer for fast EV chargers
  • Hoppin’ World: Social VR for culture and tourism
  • Kiwiz: Vehicle Inspection As A Service
  • Landerz: A Marketplace for Land Transactions at scale
  • Latence Technologies Inc.: Monitor and Predict low-latency connectivity to support time-critical innovations
  • Leave Inc.: Faster payments by replacing hardware with convenient software, allowing customers to pay with their phones in-store
  • LispLogics: Dispatch software in shared mobility
  • LivingSafe: Non intrusive monitoring system for seniors
  • LUCA Theory: Building collective intelligence. Overcoming cognitive biases.
  • Makila AI: Predictive analytics and simulation of operational and financial data, powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Mantle Technology: Distributed Storage for the Backup Industry
  • Mely.ai Solutions Inc.: Intelligent Document Processing for Transportation and Logistics
  • Momentum Health Inc.: Revolutionize scoliosis management via artificial intelligence
  • MoveMate: Creating a connected moving and delivery ecosystem
  • müvTravel Inc.: AI-powered travel journey planning tool
  • MySmartJourney: Web-based content management platform
  • MYTHOLOGI:ELYSIUM: No-code XR innovation for anyone
  • Nurau inc.: First social learning plateforme for managers
  • Ohmic Technologies Inc.: Headphone based sensing without sensors
  • OpAI Innovations: Morphological assessment system for breast surgeries
  • Paltap: Instant live video help with professionals
  • Pawsome Concierge: Matchmaking platform for pet owners to find tailored services for their pets
  • Pivot Studio Inc.: Redefining the relationship between employees and employers
  • Plan Monark: Mobilize employees’ collective intelligence
  • Polytone Laser inc.: revolutionizing medicine with laser photobiomodulation (PBM) technology
  • Quantolio: AI-Augmented risk and investment management
  • ReinvestWealth inc.: Robo-accounting software
  • Relocalize Inc.: Hyperlocalize food manufacturing with autonomous micro-factories.
  • Replay: Bringing university courses into virtual reality
  • Shaddari Inc: Predicting efficiency of vaccines against a new variant of a virus, using genetic sequence and AI 
  • Skilsfirst.io: Effortless sourcing with pre-vetted talents from in-house recruiters.
  • Solipsist Studio: Interact and collaborate synchronously in mixed reality spaces
  • Sponteous inc.: Dispatch software in shared mobility
  • Sports AI: Analyzing sports performance
  • Streamforge: AI-driven solutions for influencer marketing
  • Totum Tech: Designer of health wearable devices
  • Truxweb: Connecting shippers to carriers and eliminating brokers
  • V3 Stent inc.: B2B AI/Tech Platform for HR, Sales & Marketing
  • vadiMAP: Platform to decarbonize commercial real estate portfolios
  • Vaistat Inc.: Medtech company in the development of innovative ecosystems
  • Vope Medical: Software to deliver clear vision in surgery
  • Whale Seeker: Artificial intelligence for whale detection
  • Zetane: Computer vision to automate industrial operations