Mythologi helps marketing events exploit augmented reality

by Startup Montréal
7 August 2023

This article was originally published on Infobref.

Augmented reality enables digital images to be superimposed on the real environment. This technology can be used as a tool to attract and captivate an audience at an event. Montreal-based start-up Mythologi has developed software that helps event organizers and marketers create this kind of digital experience without the need for advanced augmented reality skills.

The problem the company is tackling is the complexity of creating augmented reality experiences. “Augmented reality technologies are developing very quickly,” explains Jonathan Yu, founder and CEO of Mythologi. More and more organizations want to use this type of experience to engage and seduce their customers.” Used for marketing purposes, augmented reality enables the creation of engaging immersive experiences that can be lived through a simple smartphone. For example, people attending an exhibition, trade show or conference could, on their phones, see virtual objects in the environment, and collect them. But event organizers don’t always have the expertise to develop these experiences themselves. They have to call on specialist developers, who are rare and very expensive.

Mythologi’s solution is Elysium, a software service that helps non-specialist developers design augmented reality narrative experiences at the intersection of real and virtual spaces, using a digital infrastructure. The software uses geolocation technology to disseminate virtual objects within a defined real space. These experiences can be used to promote a brand. They can also be collected by users, as part of a competition.

“Experiences created using Elysium are very effective for interacting with an audience, because everyone has a smartphone,” explains Jonathan Yu. In his opinion, the software’s main advantage is its ease of use. No special programming skills related to augmented reality are required to use it. As a result, most organizations whose employees have a basic knowledge of IT or digital creation can use it to create interactive experiences.

The company’s business model is to sell an annual license for the use of its software. It also charges a fee for hosting interactive experiences. Mythologi mainly targets 2 markets: loyalty programs; and major hotels, where large events are organized. The company launched a beta version of its software in the spring. It is currently being tested by selected developers.

Mythologi is one of 20 start-ups selected this year in Startup Montréal’s Bourse+ program.

Next steps: Currently, Elysium only runs on Apple iOS devices. Jonathan Yu expects it to run on Android devices by the end of the year. Commercialization of the software is scheduled to begin next year.