The mission of the Talent Program is to help facilitate the attraction, development and retention of talent within our local startups.


Practical information

In collaboration with strategic ecosystem partners, our organization mobilizes several resources for this program.
In order to multiply talent-related opportunities and better align with business growth.
For who
Montréal startups.
Call(s) for applications, training, events, workshops, resources, etc.


La chasse aux stages

To encourage academic interns to join Montreal startups, we set up tailored placement opportunities during intern recruitment events. At the same time, grant programs offered by national organizations and event partners are presented to participating startups.

These opportunities are held bi-annually: in October and April.

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Other Matchmaking Opportunities

To attract multi-sectoral talent to Montréal startups, we provide startups with tailored placement opportunities during one-time matchmaking events. 

Depending on the opportunity, we invite participants to attend various workshops on topics such as diversity and inclusion and to learn about hiring grants.

These opportunities are held on an ad hoc basis and are advertised in our events.


In order to better train the teams of the different cohorts of our programs, we offer, in partnership with collaborators, training to increase the qualifications of the different participants.

A first partnership was made with 321 Growth Academy for a training in growth marketing.


Academic platform

To make training accessible to local startups, we are putting online an academic platform where you will find pre-selected training courses adapted to the needs of startups in order to increase the qualifications of their employees and better contribute to their growth.

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Talent Mapping to come

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Talent Strategy Barometer: 2022 Report

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