Philippe Telio, president and founder of International Startup Festival (Startupfest)

Philippe Telio, president and founder of International Startup Festival (Startupfest)

by Startup Montréal
6 November 2018

image: facebook.com/ptelio

Philippe Telio is president of Embrase, a boutique consulting firm that provides positioning, corporate development, and go-to-market services to companies in the communications sector. Board member of The OSMO Foundation, a hub to support the growth and development of Montreal’s next generation of technology entrepreneurs. Chairman of the Board of La Fondation du Startup de Montréal and Founder/Producer of Startupfest, a series of international conferences on the business of startups by bringing together industry veterans and fresh faces. And co-founder of FWD50, a three-day conference where the leading minds in government and technology come together to redefine what’s possible in an era of digital systems and connected citizens. We take 5 minutes from his busy schedule to talk about entrepreneurship, startups and connecting people together.

 Tell us about your startup, its history, and your activities?

I always wanted to be a businessman and I always had a desire to start a company. I had the chance to become an entrepreneur after the company I was working with was sold to Americans. The new company closed the Montréal office and I found myself without a job.  I started Embrase, a boutique consulting business that provided networking and marketing strategy with the help of events. The idea was to bring together startups and enterprises to connect and start a conversation.

 How do you control the growth of your company?

First, I surround myself with great people and experts. They help the company but also I can learn from them. Second, technology is important to take care of our work and track sales.

What inspires you and motivates you to go to work every day?

I love what I do. Love to connect people together and have a positive impact on their business and personal life. Our company connect and helps out startups (people) with networking but also we listen and give them the best path to grow.

How important is an event like Semaine Mondiale de l’Entrepreneuriat for Montréal?

Very important for Montréal to be part of an international event. Very important to showcase Montréal’s startups and talent to the world but also for the locals. The international market for such events is very important and Montréal needs as much visibility.