Startup Montréal poised to propel Montreal’s ecosystem of startups to next stage of development

Startup Montréal poised to propel Montreal’s ecosystem of startups to next stage of development

by Startup Montréal
10 February 2022

Today marks the beginning of a promising and exceptionally exciting adventure for us, Startup Montréal. Our goal is to support more rapidly and more effectively our startup ecosystem as it reaches its next stage of development. 

Startup Montréal is the result of a merger between Bonjour Startup Montréal and Montréal inc. The talents and skills provided through the founding groups will provide the combined organization with a substantially greater impact for the startup community and to better benefit Montréal entrepreneurs.

While ambitious, our mission can be simply summarized: to multiply the positive economic benefits for our metropolis while extending its outreach, here and also elsewhere.

Our vision for the city: an attractive and dynamic Montréal startup ecosystem recognized and renowned internationally for its performance, diversity, and impact.

We invite you to watch this video for further insights of our intentions. You can share, comment or react on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

The time has come to propel the Montréal startup ecosystem to its next phase of development. More young businesses must succeed in their growth in an environment supported by all of Québec and recognized in the rest of Canada as well as on the international stage. It is by working together that we will achieve this.”

Liette Lamonde, Managing director of Startup Montréal

Our team is working with a single unifying goal: each of our initiatives will be developed in collaboration with partners across the ecosystem, in order to maximize collective impact and effectiveness.

To support these strategic objectives, Pascale Audette, new chair of our Board of Directors and a seasoned corporate director as well as veteran entrepreneur, will play a central role in defining our governance structure and enhancing our financing model.

“My journey as an entrepreneur made me want to give back to the community. I want to use my managerial skills by contributing to the success of Startup Montreal, but also to the success of the startup ecosystem as a whole.”

Pascale Audette, Board chair of Startup Montréal

Under our new name and new image, Startup Montreal will continue to offer the services to entrepreneurs which have helped Montréal Inc. build its excellent reputation. These include Grant+, access to the community of volunteer coaches, networking events, as well as our FoundHers and Recharge programs for women entrepreneurs. We will continue to operate most of the initiatives put in place by Bonjour Startup Montréal for orientation, outreach and collaboration across Montreal’s startup ecosystem, while adjusting them following the initial years of experimentation.

Our new website provides insights into our full range of services, along with many additional resources to assist local startups. It provides easy and comprehensive access to Montreal’s broad array of assets as a startup city.

To achieve our mission, we receive financial support from the Government of Québec, the City of Montreal, Canada Economic Development for Québec Regions as well as other key partners and corporate donors.

To help us better achieve our mission

Our primary communications channels remain in place. We strive to keep participants and partners across our networks updated as our ecosystem grows with scheduled events, openings for new positions, news about various startups, or further opportunities and developments to share.

We have also prepared a media kit for your use, providing new logos and key messages.