La grand-messe 2019 sets all-time record for most connections during a Montréal inc. event.

La grand-messe 2019 sets all-time record for most connections during a Montréal inc. event.

On March 27th, Montréal inc. invited close to a hundred emerging start-ups to present themselves to the media, Web influencers and actors of the Montreal start-up ecosystem at La grand-messe Mtl inc., presented by Bell. The exhibition trade show attracted over 600 visitors, who discovered the upcoming trends in entrepreneurship.

The event was a unique opportunity to connect to the source of innovation and be in the forefront of the coming entrepreneurial trends in the start-up universe.The businesses exhibiting at La grand-messe Mtl inc. were front all sectors have been commercializing their product/service for less than 2 years. The event’s purpose was to enable significant connections between start-ups and the business community. Over 1370 connections were made during the memorable night.

« With la grand-messe Mtl inc., we open our professional network to Montreal-based start-ups to create as many connections as possible. Those connections can have an important impact on their first years of creation. This year we saw an amazing outbreak of the technological field, especially in artificial intelligence and digital transformation, which is the reflection of the Montreal start-up booming ecosystem.” stated Liette Lamonde, Executive Director at Montréal inc.

This year, the organisations of the Montreal start-up ecosystem were invited and had the mission to give “wings “to the start-up of their choosing, with the help of Bonjour Startup Montréal.

Almost 20 Web influencers and media symbolically awarded a benediction to their favorite emerging start-up. They based their decision on the following criteria: illustration of a trend, innovation, growth potential and quality of the pitch. The ceremonial followed their time in the confessionals where start-ups had two minutes to pitch.
The event took place in the Théâtre Paradoxe, a former church reconverted in an entertainment facility.
Congratulations to the emerging start-ups who received a benediction:


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Mtl inc. is a foundation that catalyse the success of young, innovative and ambitious businesses through startup grants, access to a prestigious business network, and the expertise of seasoned volunteer coaches. The Mtl inc. approach is human, fexible and totally focused on entrepreneur’s needs. Montréal inc. is a one-of-a-kind model of corporate philanthropy with strong economic impact.


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