Success of the 5th edition of the virtual grand-messe!

Success of the 5th edition of the virtual grand-messe!

For 5 years now, La grand-messe Mtl inc., presented by Bell in collaboration with Bonjour Startup Montreal, brings together and connects, under one roof, the most innovative emerging companies of the past year and the main leaders and visionaries of the city’s startup ecosystem.

You were used to our big exhibition fair presenting a hundred young startups … this year, we also have to reinvent ourselves to make this 5th anniversary a very special edition!

La grand-messe was redesigned this year to present, over 4 mornings (October 28 and 30, November 4 and 6), young startups representing 4 sectors: food industry, work transformation, sustainable development and life sciences.

You were nearly 300 people to discover these innovations and generate connections (more than 80) with the entrepreneurs and the other participants.

The event took place on a platform allowing: live broadcasts of the pitches and their replay, exhibitor spaces, a marketplace with products / services from our exhibitors, possibilities to make appointments and connect with the others, and to vote for your favorite of each thematic morning!

As part of the À la conquête des marchés Mtl inc. with TD, we also organized an exceptional panel during the Food industry morning, focusing on the Relations between startups and large chains, bringing together representatives from Sobeys and Mayrand, and successful entrepreneurs (1642, LOOP Mission and Club Kombucha).

Congratulations to the public favorites:

  • DAM (food industry)
  • Piccles (transformation of work)
  • CAP Solar (sustainable development)
  • Life Engine (life sciences)

Congratulations to Bell’s favorites:

  • Coop Boomerang (food industry)
  • Piccles (transformation of work)
  • Blue City Technology (sustainable development)
  • Life Engine (life sciences)

Find the recordings of the 4 mornings here!

Thank you to all our selected startups:

  • Food industry: Bello, COOP Boomerang, DAM, Epipresto, Keevo Inc., novagrow, Piecemeal
  • Work transformation: ConnexOn, Élo Mentorat, i / Collective, Mely.ai, MoveMate, Piccles
  • Sustainable development: Blue City Technology, CAPSolar, Dispersa, In A Blink, inc., Mini-Cycle Inc., Moduly, UPCYCLI
  • Life Sciences: eNuvio, Life Engine, Precare, Puzzle Medical Devices, VitalTracer Ltd.


Caroline Quijoux

Communications and Events Advisor

Montreal inc.


About Montréal inc. :

Mtl inc. propels the success of young, innovative and ambitious businesses through grants, access to a prestigious business network, and the expertise of seasoned volunteer coaches.

The Mtl inc. approach is human-centred, flexible and focused entirely on entrepreneurs’ needs. Our one‑of‑a‑kind model of corporate philanthropy has a strong economic impact and plays a vital role in building a thriving city.