Growth Stages

From ideation to growth, find resources for every step of your development

The Montréal startup ecosystem is vast. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in the startup phase or you’re ready to export, you will find tips and tricks in this section to unearth the resources that suit you.


Inspiration / A world of possibilities

To convert your idea into a reality, there’s nothing better than discussing it to validate its relevance. Take time to identify your market clearly before you launch. This decision will determine your chances of success. Go meet resources!

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Pre-startup / From idea to action

A startup’s success largely depends on analysis of the markets and their needs. This is the time to find good partners, good employees and good experts to support you.

An incubator or an accelerator will help you get from point A to point B.

It is also important to know the different options available to you, depending on the type of financing that will allow you to propel your company.

This is why we offer an orientation service that is personalized and completely free.

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Startup / Getting it right

Planning is one thing. Action is something else. Just because you plan doesn’t mean you’re productive. You need to structure, make the right choices, surround yourself with mentors and move forward.

Attention: be flexible so you can readjust as needed. Things certainly evolve. Not everything is set in stone, so surprises, both good and bad, will certainly happen.

Are you defining your business model as well as your operational objectives? Once again, incubators and accelerators may be useful to you

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Growth / From startup to scaleup

By definition, a startup is designed to develop rapidly. Are you managing your growth and the share of challenges accompanying it? At this stage, you must increase your sales, ensure your development… So it’s easy but risky to want to grow too fast. Do things in the right order or the risks of failure will increase considerably. Put the focus on your customers and not on the fact you’re growing.

If you are at this stage, you can join fellow established entrepreneurs and benefit from advice to overcome your growth challenges.

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