Unveiling of the 20 Revelations 2024

by Startup Montréal
18 April 2024

MONTREAL, April 18, 2024 – The Rendez-vous Startup Montréal event, held last night at the Wilder Building, was the occasion to unveil the 20 Revelations of 2024, 20 exceptional startups evolving in the most varied sectors of activity. The winners stood out for their innovative technology and/or business model, as well as their proven growth potential.

Thanks to our private and government financial partners: Scotiabank, National Bank, CDPQ, Davies, Groupe Park Avenue, Power Corporation of Canada, MEIE, DEC, MRIF and the Ville de Montréal. And also to the donors of our Soirée-bénéfices 2023: BCF, BDC, Cossette, Cycle Momentum, Desjardins, Fasken, Fonds de solidarité FTQ, KRB Avocats, Novacap, Sollum Technologies and Stingray.

A Springboard for Multiple Opportunities

The 20 Revelations had the chance to present their startups to the audience by taking part in the 60-second pitch challenge. They walked away with the $20,000 grant, made possible by Startup Montréal donors. They will also have access to all the support offered by the organization’s vast network, which includes over 350 volunteer coaches and 1,100 founders.

During the event, the Revelations had the opportunity to interact with many influential players in the startup ecosystem, including renowned investors. They were also able to interact with donors and meet winners from previous years. This first meeting, along with other occasions for visibility and connections offered, will open the door for them to stand out and forge links within the local, national, and international entrepreneurial network. This could create opportunities conducive to their growth and success.


“It’s a great honour to unveil the Revelations 2024! This year, nearly 100 experts, including coaches and partners from the entrepreneurial ecosystem, reviewed close to 80 submissions. The 2024 Revelations represent startup excellence, and the impact they could have on the years to come is undeniable. Stay on the lookout for these exceptional entrepreneurs and innovations!!“

Richard Chénier, General Manager, Startup Montréal.

“Thanks to our government’s support, Startup Montréal has been able to affirm its
role as a go-to resource for the next generation of entrepreneurs who want to launch a business, while also stimulating Quebec’s innovative technology-based entrepreneurial ecosystem. By helping startups equip themselves with what they need, network and gain inspiration, together we will be able to help build a stronger, more resilient, more sustainable economy. Congratulations to the 20 Revelations!”

The Honourable Soraya Martinez Ferrada, Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for the Canada Economic Development Agency for Quebec Regions.

Révélations 2024 (Crédit Vanessa Cyr, photographie)

Révélations 2024 (Crédit Vanessa Cyr, photographie)

Introducing the 2024 Revelations:

Acrylic Robotics – Art-tech startup that enables artists to create limited-edition collections of real painted artwork at scale using AI-guided robotic arms. Their technology allows artists to increase their income per design while making authentic artwork more accessible to the general public.

Cadstrom – Changes the way electrical engineers design and ship electrical hardware that works the first time. With Cadstrom, engineers get to market faster while preventing costly and time-consuming mistakes.

CarInspect – Offers automotive inspection services through a connected network of certified mechanics, enabling informed decision-making and risk reduction.

eeva – Life management platform that uses automations and artificial intelligence to help you manage your day-to-day life in a practical and powerful way.

eezly – The only app that allows you to compare product prices, whether on sale or not, between major grocery chains with just one click. It also offers the ability to compare the total cost of your grocery list across different banners, helping you save up to 50%.

Geodar – Manufacture a smart sensor for excavators. The mission is to reduce the 228,000 excavation accidents caused by excavators to aqueducts,   natural gas pipelines, and other public infrastructure during civil engineering work.

KIIMA – Reduces waste by redesigning personal care product packaging to offer a reusable version that creates as little waste as possible.

Localyser – Online reputation management & customer experience software that helps multi-location restaurant brands turn online reviews into their most effective marketing tool. 

Moast – SaaS product that enables Shopify ecommerce brands to boost sales by transforming user-generated content and testimonials into interactive experiences. The platform enables brands to offer unique shopping experiences to drive growth.

Modulate Technologies – Fully automated design & manufacturing solution to create intelligent, 3D-printed, customized spinal orthoses (braces) for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders like pediatric scoliosis. Biomechanically optimized, they are more clinically reliable, comfortable and easier to wear than the standard of treatment.

Mohanna Intelligence – Precision health platform to make it easier for women to understand, detect and act on their hormonal imbalances – a problem impacting 1 in every 3 women globally.

NovoPower International – Produce power from industrial waste heat, reducing energy bills and GHG emissions for its customers.

Obius – Helps e-commerce and retail companies optimize their planning, purchasing and inventory management processes. This SaaS solution enables users to increase sales and optimize cash flow by eliminating out-of-stocks and overstocks, thanks to data-driven recommendations.

Panorama – Boards of directors struggle to create value because of tedious processes. Panorama’s software powers the future of governance by automating best practices, enabling board members to make informed decisions and create more value.

Phoenix Impact – Helps reduce plastic waste produced by the life sciences sector by more than 80%. Our industrial washers allow lab consumables to be reconditioned and re-used, instead of being incinerated.

Redeo – Streamlines interactions between physicians and insurers. The platform allows the digital and secure transmission of medical insurance forms in order to accelerate decisions taken by insurers for the great benefit of patients.

Vega BioImaging – Develops a new generation of companion diagnostic kits, reducing drug development costs and diagnosis errors in cancer.

Trampoline AI – Automates information management and knowledge retention in technology service companies, thus increasing the hourly profitability of employees. Trampoline connects employees’ questions with internal experts and all of the company’s information systems (Teams, SharePoint, Drive, Slack, Confluence, etc.).

TriCycle – Edible insect breeding farm. Based on the circular economy, the company markets edible insects for their nutritional, protein and vitamin content, as well as their low environmental impact as an alternative protein. They also use the manure from their insects as organic fertilizer to nourish the soil.

vadiMAP – AI-powered solution streamlining energy decarbonization for large real estate portfolios, guiding optimal decisions in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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